Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


Tippa pressuring the opposition kickout from goal when they played on needs to be absolutely done every week.


When he said that, both of my kids said "What does he mean the footy is sexy? What's he talking about, Dad?"

I just said I don't even think he knows what he's talking about.


Stewart on the run is a great kick


Gotta find out the name of the guy in the blue shirt.







Looks Like a North Melbourne supporter.




Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but how funny was Josh Bruce trying to recreate Joe's big hanger a few minutes later, but he just fell straight on his ■■■■?

I knew we'd win after that.


The saints where pretty good in the first half, but just dont have the scoring power we do.


Haha yes.

Josh pls.


Probably dragged to the game by his Essendon supporting wife.
Marshmallow wouldn't refuse.


St. Kilda were actually pretty good in the first half, our back six just repelled everything. They were incredible.


That and we barely allowed them any easy transition off half back. Our forward line was supreme at pressuring their exists


gif or it didn't happen.


Normally I'm hesitant to make changes in order to focus on our team chemistry since they have hardly played together.

But my gut feeling is that we need to make some changes against the struggling teams just to keep us on edge.

I think Watson needs to come back in, and that probably means that Bird goes out. Sure, Bird had a good game, but if he was playing the Watson role (extractor) then I'm not sure if we need both. If Heppel was to be rested I suppose Bird could stay in, though Hepps role is different as he plays more outside than Jobe. Norf could also be a good opportunity for Hepp to get some form if that's what is holding him back, but if it's fitness then give him a break. Stanton could come in for Heppel too, but that doesn't achieve the unpredictability I'm after.

I wouldn't mind bringing in Laverde or Mutch for Colyer.

It's a really important game to keep our finals hopes alive, and keep our momentum going, but we also need to keep the big picture and upcoming matches in sight and make sure our key players don't break down or hit a wall.


Although I don't think that Capt Hepp will be 'rested', if I had to pick someone to come in for him, it would be Mutch - based on like/like.


The story behind the Ali photo is quite interesting. You'll notice the gaggle of press photographers behind Ali's left leg? They were all the senior photo journalists at the time and newcomer Neil Leifer was relegated to the other side of the ring where he captured boxing's greatest ever and one of sport's most iconic images. Right place, right time.


I cant see Roo or Montagna playing on next year for the saints, especially if they are in the market for Kelly and they miss they 8 as they have a tough run home. I cant see them beating the swans.
We just need to come the first quarter of the north game with the same intensity and break them early.
Will be nice not having McKernan vs Goldstein as well. Bellchmabers has probably been a bit underated in the ruck, his influence and pushing forward and getting goals.