Match Review: Essendon monsters St Kilda


I gave Hickey the votes.


I watched a replay last night and it was actually hilarious how inept Hickey was.


I think it might be Melbourne City.


I want to say it's the worst game by a player I've ever seen. So I will. It's the worst game by a player I've ever seen.

Watch him literally annihilate us next time we play them...


The goal Green kicks before half time is as if Hickey wanted our small forwards to run into space.


Being outmarked by Pops was my personal favourite.


i felt sorry for him by the end.


He actually did some okay things like managing to get Hep and Zerrett holding the ball but there were about a dozen absolutely laughable moments with him involved. Never heard commentators taking a ■■■■ on a player like they did with him.

Still has more upside than Longer who offers nothing except being tall.


I will concede at least three horrible decisions.

Free to Gilbert in the ruck against Bellchambers. They were trying to do it to each other.

Non-free to Bellchambers against Hickey for a blatant push in front of their goal

And Roberton ducking his head straight into a tackle and getting rewarded.

I expect a few blunders from umpires. What I don't want to see are displays like Troy Pannell regularly serves up, or displays like VFL umpires often give where you're convinced they have to be cheating.


Hickey is lucky Malcolm blight isn't his coach


I couldn't work out the Myers mark that was a free to Reiwolt.

What did they pay?


The Riewolt is a protected species free.


Reckon it was for blocking, ump blew the whistle before Myers even marked it it seemed. Maybe outside 5 metres but thought it just looked like good body work. Reckon the ump didn't expect Myers to mark the ball


wasnt the free in the ruck to Gilbert v Daniher.


I think you may be right.

Front on contact, blocking but where you mark it.

He had all day to reverse it though after the mark


That's the Pitts


The whole blocking thing is over-umpired anyway. It shouldn't be paid for protecting your teammate within 5 metres.


It wasn't the block alone. If he'd made that contact backing into Riewoldt while looking at the ball, no infringement at all. At the time of the blocking contact by DM, DM was looking at Riewoldt, and not at all at the ball - that was the problem. He then turned and - very skilfully- took a clean mark. I was initially upset at the free, at the ground. After seeing the replay, while I wouldn't have raised an eyebrow if a mark had been paid, I could unsderstand the free that was paid.


His spoil on Carlisle was mine. To his unco credit he did manage to take out, and almost kill, two of ours illegally in their 50 and allow, I think, Reiwoldt clear run and mark. Astonishing non decision by the ump who had clear view ten metres away.


How cooked is Reiwwwwwoldt? Surely this is his last.