Match Review - FARK Carlton

Lack of composure all day with the wet footy cost us the game.

Did not adapt to the condition. Carlton deserved the win. We were outplayed and outsmarted. I’m very disappointed because we knew the conditions were going to be crap, yet we were trying to play dry weather footy.


Disgraceful. We deserved to lose by 5 goals.

I reckon they marked more of our kicks than we did.


Fark Essington


Lack of composure and the fact Carlton wanted more.

Game plan was ■■■■
Selection was ■■■■


Please. We had about 15 guys on the ground who made stupid decisions in the set all game long

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On a dry day we kill that team.

We couldn’t switch and run.

But in saying that we need to win ugly and when things aren’t going out way. Simply need to shift gears and couldn’t. Our kick to handball ratio was all wrong.

Why did we go so tall?
Why didn’t we kick more?
Why didn’t we man up the spare man?

Simply confusing.


Fark Carlton are better at water polo than us. Hope it isn’t raining on grand final day.

Jobe and Kelly were good. Leuy did well in the ruck. Parish was a gun in the first half, disappeared in the second but may have been tagged.


One of the lowest footy iq games i’ve ever seen by an essendon team, so many of our hack kicks out of the backline went to carlton players because our players were all getting ready to run and spread instead of being ready for that contested kick out and fighting for each possession

and that’s it pretty much

also AGAIN we have a minute to set up and still let their biggest player take an uncontested mark and goal from directly in front

AGAIN we leave players to to the left and right of stoppages for teams to just handpass side ways till they find a free one and he kicks a goal

Should have played smack over an underdone leuey

Should have dropped Langford after 2 apathetic games

Should have had a plan b other than kicking it to an outnumbered forwardline

Why you bring in a 200 cm ruckman for a wet game over a contest beast player is beyond me.

Would have won with Mc Kernan, would have rag dolled so many blues off the ball and provided more drive at ground level, was the perfect game for his positive attributes and they dropped him, should have dropped langford.


Lost it at selection.

Plain and simple.


We were just stupid. It’s that simple.

The umpiring was disgraceful but they didn’t lose it for us.

We lost because we let their spare man sit there all ■■■■■■■ day and because they played better wet weather footy than us. Simple.

■■■■■■■ disgraceful. All the work in Rds 1 and 2 and now we’re right back in the pack.


Was watching on an hour delay. Got to half time. Suddenly the wonderful WatchAFL website skips forward to live play and wouldn’t go back, showing me we were down and out with a minute left. Turned it off. Fark off.

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To anybody saying Essington, I would like to say that I think it’s disrespectful to Essington to put that label on what happened today.

Today was something completely new.




2 points for a qtr of footy is disgusting

Not good enough in wet conditions. Fa#kCarlt outsmarted us. We played dumb football. They benefitted from the wet conditions plus the Fa#k umpires.

Pretty simple.

We were soft as.

Our smalls were looking to get on the end of one all day (tippa kind of went in but colyer and fantasia were way too outside)

And why we played brown or an extra tall over bird or another small I don’t know. Terrible selection.

Just an awful day at the office, typical of a team that got ahead of itself.


I can’t even

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Never have I been more upset and annoyed to be proved 100% exactly right.

And yet I still went to the game in 6 farking degrees and watched it. What the hell is wrong with me.


Hard to go past the most influential player that was in yellow. He got the 3 votes.

Lucky weekend is over so no need to dwell over the weekend.

Bring on the crows!