Match Review Thread - Essendon vs Black and White Witches Hats

Wow. What more can I say! What a win. 


I can safely say I did not expect that.


EDIT: I was gonna list down the pros and cons, but there were just too many pros and not enough cons!

how sweet it is. 


Zac Merrett.

This was exactly like Anzac day





...except that we went on with it and not drop off

Carlisle and Stants were both huge today and both scored massive SC points.

I can safely say l enjoyed that!!!

Almost the perfect game. Played well for 4 quarters. We won the ball when it was in dispute, used it well and moved it quickly when we had it, and converted our shots at goal. When they had it, we pressured them and defended strongly. Outstanding effort from everyone. It's difficult to award votes for this one.

S. Pendlebury

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Fantastic effort from EVERYONE, the same as last week. The tackling ferocity is the key to it, hope we keep this going.


One of the most dominant performances of any player this year. 19 marks!

What a game! Eat a ■■■■ pies!

Super impressive. Especially without Watson, Goddard and Hibberd. Heppell is officially elite (if he wasn’t already).

■■■■■■ unreal.

Savoring this one. Might be as satisfying as any win this year.


Just completely shut them down, for an entire match. They didn't kick more than two goals in any quarter. 

Obviously this was JC's day.


Special mention to Ryder.  Almost certainly his best season.  Not necessarily BOG's every week, but always dominant.


And I want to see the odds for Heppell Brownlow next year.

I wonder if Bomber show Jake C any footage of Swan sledging him at the end of the Anzac Day game this year?


He certainly looked motivated to stick it up them today 

Did it easy

BTW Swan is cooked

I am going to run out of likes. So much to love about that result. When did we last win back to back matches against top 8 teams after June in a season. A long time I would think.