Match review v Cats

Another narrow loss

That stupid kick-in play with 3 minutes to go cost us.


How many times are we going to fark things up in the last few minutes of every game. Even the games we have won we have nearly lost because of it

We need to learn how to close out games end of story,

But... but.... GAH. Gotta have the heartbreak to enjoy the success. 


The boys have proved time and time again they are full of passion for the club. In any case, despite what Bomber says this ASADA crap HAS to be taking it's toll on them. For christ sake everyone has been speculating about their future for 18 months. They're a tough bunch. Don't take it out on them. Melksham has had a few shockers but other than that we have no right to call on the players to give any more than they have. 


It's downright amazing we aren't ■■■■■■ 18th. I know most AFL teams would be if they had THIS pressure on them. 


#backourboys #neverforget

So gut wrenching.  

Fark that was shattering. On the other hand, I’m really proud if how we played in the second half.

Still, FARK

They were just more mature with ball in hand.

We’ve got them covered I reckon.

If we ever learn to play 4 quarters we could be some team. At the moment we are struggling to play more than 1 quarter a match. 


That really hurts, with our upcoming games (port/coll/dogs/syd) we really had to win that one. Devastated tbh.


vs. Hawks 9 pts up at 25min mark.

vs. Melb 5 pts up at 28min mark

vs Cats 3 pts up at 27 min mark


That is the difference between getting a home final and taking September off.


PS. I hate the Scotts

meh, the more things change, the more they stay the same, 1 good qtr surrounded by 3 average ones, what's really changed, bar personell since the Knights days ? Honestly

Second half was a brilliant effort, ■■■■■■ first half killed us

Played with 21.

Should have put a witches hat out there instead of Jackson Merrett.

Disgraceful selection.


We need to trade into the next draft. Melksham and Hurley while people think they still have some value. They just don’t give us enough.

I’m so disappointed right now. Can’t really say much else. Turned off the tv for the third was getting too angry. I feel for the players they needed the win. I tend to agree that melksham needs a break. Also it did Carlile good



Was not the reason we lost the game.

Good that it was made competitive at least, but that goal kicking is way too costly.

Should be right next year.

Brad Scott is a farkstick.

goal kicking cost us again. not the first time this year.


the mates i watched the game with (none of them barrack for bombers and a few for the cats) said the cats got help from.........