Match Review vs Fremantle - Lucky we have saints next

It's hot and we were ■■■■. 

Ruckmen matter

Anyone still banging on about Thompson being a far superior coach to Hirdy?

Colyer = delist.

After one game, really? Especially when we had no structure, were a man down and playing Fremantle in Perth?


Give him a go. Idiots.

Funny game.  Thought we were ok but we were smashed on the scoreboard.


Didn't help that they were kicking them from everywhere.  18.5 is a good outcome but when you consider where some of those goals were scored from it was a sensational result for them.


Free kick count was also 18-6 and some of them were absolute howlers.


I think in reality we were probably 15-30 points worse.

After one game, really? Especially when we had no structure, were a man down and playing Fremantle in Perth?
Give him a go. Idiots.

I've given him a go since 2009!
Rubbish skills and only pops up consistently with an ok effort in junk time! Rubbish!

With both sides missing players, they exposed not only our bottom 6, but the whole team really.


Goddard getting injured, no ruckman, plus Myers, Fletch and Chappy missing hurt us, but it doesn‘t excuse the poor effort today. In the 3rd quarter we were torn apart through the midfield and when we did get it forward, we didn‘t give our forwards much of a chance.


They ran us off our feet (Stanton and Heppell the exceptions, few others) and kept us under the pump no matter where we had the ball. That exposed our sloppy skills and made us look like a rabble in the 3rd. Really, it was one very bad quarter that cost us. We weren‘t that terrible for most of the day.


I have to say, Jetta was far from our worst and did a few nice things *ducks for cover*

Colyer though was really disappointing. I don‘t think we‘ll see much more of him in the near future. Based on the VFL this week, I‘d rather see ORAZIO get a run.


However the sky certainly isn‘t falling in and there were positives out of the game. First of all, Gleeson is a class act. He‘s got great footy smarts, gets to the right spots and uses the ball very well.

Hooker and Pig were solid in defence despite Freo‘s midfield dominance.


The biggest positive of all is that next week we get Paddy, Chappy, Fletch and Myers back to take on a team who are in a massive rebuild. With any luck BJ will be back soon as well. Hopefully we can get a good tune up before heading into anzac day. 

That sucked.


But really, with so many newbs and no Goddard, I expected worse. Move on.

It's Fanta time!



1. Goddard and Myers out at last minute really hurt our structure and run.

2. Fremantle had the home ground momentum and a very nice hand in free kicks.

3. Weather was humid and players weren't used to it.

4. Fremantle had home ground and crowd advantage.

5. We played a small team. Probably needed Thurlow out there and our injured ruck absent didn't help.


In saying that we really needed our senior players to step it up a little. Players in the best 22 such as Colyer and Jetta could be gathering bigger stats as the game progresses. Actually they were ok, needed more from more of our core senior players. Look at how well Gleeson performed and he's a first year.


But I think the major issue was run and carry not working well for the team.


Fremantle simply played very well, kicked straight all day.

The team lacked clarity and confidence out there.

Bomba had little to work with with all those injuries. Don’t understand any negativity against him. We played the runners-up in hot conditions and they burned us in the second half. The main thing is to question the effort of some players who went unsighted when the going got tough. Zaka, Melk, these guys needed to do more.

Gleeson… what a find. Composed, breaks lines, wins contests and a nice kick.

Colyer’s disposal was putrid in 2009. It’s now his sixth season and it still is. The game has no place for guys who can’t kick.

Gleeson has a chance of winning the Crichton. He is just that amazing.


Hibberd started to get some touch back in the last quarter. The mark was sublime.


Stanton and Heppell always giving our players options.


Carlisle and Daniher will be happier when Ryder comes back.


Thompson will learn that while it can be fun to experiment he may have gone that bit too far this week.

No excuse, but it was honestly really ■■■■■■■ hot. 

Just fell down across half forward, should have rucked hardingham and set up properly forward

Need Ryder back next week. ■■■■■ me Goddard injured in warmup and we had no emergencies.

Anyone still banging on about Thompson being a far superior coach to Hirdy?

Sorry I missed your argument as to why he isn't?

Or are you one of the typical hot and cold supporters that seem to be appearing more often on this board.

First half we were good, obvious problems in attack in terms of being down in the big-man department, but we fought well, was impressed with Gleeson and Ashby with their ball-use, Baguley, Hibberd and Hooker very good, Hepps in everything. The two late goals we conceded to end the half were disappointing and from there we never looked like it. It could’ve been an 80+ point flogging but we at least saved some face with some junk goals. I too thought Zaka was poor, fumbled under perceived pressure multiple times, Colyer tries but his disposal is not AFL standard and highlighted by how less experienced players (Ashby, Gleeson, Z.Merrett) hit their targets at will. 2-2 is par for the course, big month ahead with all 4 games very winnable. Just hope BJ isn’t out for too long…