Match thread v Freo

We can win this

Barlow goals.

At least the game plan is consistent. First centre clearance, straight to the spare man in defence.

Barlow goals.

On his right foot from a tight angle in the right pocket…straight through the middle. Really?

We’re asleep… again…

Aaand so it starts

winning one contest would be nice

They cant do a thing wrong…that’d be ****ing right

Another goal to them. We can’t get near it.

I think we will win another game this year, but it won’t be against a ■■■■ team. They will all set themselves for a big one against us. We will beat a mid table team that underestimates us.

This don’t look good

same as last week.

Tabarner, whoever called him dominating. Well done.

Making them look like millionaires, our guys can’t get a touch.

Wow we haven’t touched the ball yet

…undersized backline anyone?

We're asleep... again...

When are we awake?
We’re a bad team.

Freo will win this easy.

We’ve touched it once. They’re already 2 goals up

Cooney scores a point. At least we scored.

They cant do a thing wrong...that'd be ****ing right

Exactly 3 strong marks and 2 goals from near boundary. Not like we could do much