Match Thread vs Fremantle - Round 15 2023

Not very confident about tonight. Need to win this if we are serious


To bring balance to the force, l am quietly confident for tonight.


I do not feel my usual pessimistic self.




A bit hard to see Fremantle having the massive turn around after last weeks pathetic performance. I expect them to improve somewhat and we could be in a bit of trouble with Darcy and his impact on centre bounces. Nevertheless, I think we should get home by about 15 points and hold on to 5th spot on the ladder.

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Downright impertinent!

If dry, Bryan comes in. May do so anyway… Concern if Weid has any ruck role.

Dockers will be manic after a week of external and internal pressure.

Can we match their manic response?

Can Phillips (& possibly Bryan) nullify Darcy / Jackson & ensure we achieve contest advantage?

This will be won or lost in our attitude (pressure / intensity) and at the contest.

The rest I think is peripheral outcomes of these two decisive factors.


Wet weather footy, no number 1 ruck and post bye outcomes of almost every other side spells a bit of a belting coming up.

I would say no. We are going to have to find other ways to nullify their obvious advantage they have in this part of the ground. This is where Caldwell and to an extent Hobbs become more important, roving to a losing ruck.

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We have got this in the bag, do not fear dear friends.

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Well, I enjoyed the 2 weeks of not having to worry about an upcoming game!
Hopefully we can just pull out a win and get out of there.

If we win I’ll be hyped as ■■■■, but if we lose, unless we lose in an absolutely embarrassingly demoralising manner I won’t be too upset either.

We HAVE to come out and start the game well, that has to be a non-negotiable. We do that and we can win. We allow Freo to get up and about in the 1st quarter at home when they’ve been terrible at that this year and it’ll be a tough one.

Bombers by 27

2MP with 7 goals, because why not.


I am glad to hear this.

I feel like things are slowly turning in the right direction.


Weather report in Perth has the weather clearing with very little rain, maybe a brief shower or 2 late in the game or even after it’s finished. Weather should not be a problem and will be basically dry weather football although the ground won’t be as hard as in past weeks due to a little softening from last night’s and this early morning’s rain.


Optus doesnt drain great. I remember last year i walked on it at half time during my boys auskick game, it had been light rain and it was so bad under foot

Either way, its going to be slippery and greasy. Its rained here all week, and its been light rain here all morning. Its a true cold & miserable day. Don’t expect dry weather footy


Darcy is just as likely to reinjure his hamstring in the first quarter. He is pretty fragile.


Not pessimistic enough.

Latest Weather report has Perth clear of rain from 2pm through 8.00pm with sun shining 2.00pm to 5.00pm so hopefully correct and the ground drying out somewhat, You’re on the ground and know the oval, but us in Vic can only hope. Thanks for your helpful assessment,

Weid is gonna clunk them all night

Looking forward to the win tonight.