Match thread vs the Shockers (2019 round 9)

I’ve already seen FIVE Freo fans.

Getting cocky about the result and turning up in droves!


Reckon crowd will be 35k.

Imagine being left a blitz account and 50 tear-stained membership cards. What a legacy.


Walters is going to duck deliberately into a tackle, throw his head back holding his neck, and then flop on the ground like he’s been shot. He will get 2 goals this way.


Comfortable 14 point Dockers win, but low scoring.

7.10. - 52
4.14. - 38

Then bring Myers back next week for which ever young player plays best tonight.

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While Tippa has his head ripped off and gets nothing.

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@Heffsgirl can fire the cannon to make them feel at home

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Crowd seems low

Actually, they’ve just announced there will be fireworks for our entrance.

Open the roof!

We will know within the first few minutes tonight where this game is heading…

How can you trust this team? We could dish absolutely anything up here.

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I prefer fireworks from our players on the ground


Nah fark the saints

My tip is we come from 5 goals behind and win it in the last.

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We win it with a kick after the siren, despite Dockers players on the posts. Then they call for a review, which shows the ball has clearly crossed the line for a goal, but it’s called touched anyway. Dockers by 4.

Match day thread bigger than the crowd ten minutes from the start.

Francis warming up with the forwards.

Be lucky to be 29k here. It’s dead.

Hooker watch.
Where will he line up?

Those who are there, what was our warm up like, cause they’re pretty laid back in the rooms.
I hope we’re switched on from the start tonight.

Struggling to remember a smaller home game crowd than this in recent memory…