Match Thread

Let’s do this. Essendon by 12.

Who’s sub?

Stick it up 'em Bombers. Essendon by 4 goals.

Have been feeling more optimistic about our chances all day. Essendon by 18.

Let's do this. Essendon by 12.

12 goals? That is optimistic. Why not? Lid off.

Fark Hawthorn

Who's sub?


What’s up with the crowd? Pretty small ATM.

■■■■ Hawthorn. ■■■■ Dermie. Go Bombers!

Little defensive pressure from the opposition last week.

Guess we'll see how we handle pressure this week.

Gee, that air raid siren idea went well. :rolleyes:

Leave it over the speaker system where it has some impact.

Said previously, this song has been going through my head all day:



"I gotta a feeling....tonight's gonna be a good night"


Go my mighty Bombers!!

The new siren sucks

I cannot contain my nerves. We will lose.

Dons by 74.

Pizza followed by range and coconut cake from Zumbo

I’m too nervous/excited to post anything insightful!


Go Dons


I'm excited

Plastic cup of Carlton mid.

Come on....Need this.

we won the toss last week


an again this week


the same result will follow