Match Thread

Lets do this.

How many time harry throw ball?

SMASH them Bombers. I’m sooo nervous.

Screw this.

Bombers by 25+

Dempsey sub. Will good to see zach merrett get almost a full game (either him or ashby will be subbed off I think)

Melkshake on Pendlebury according to Bomba


I wouldn’t mind J. Hird playing.


someone hurt pendles

Hearts pumping!!!

someone hurt pendles

hopefully an ump takes him out

Melkshake on Pendlebury according to Bomba

Hopefully gets very physical with him, dont think pendles enjoys the rough stuff

How many times we told to play on with 1 seconds notice this week ?

looks like a good crowd in. Well at least half a good crowd, the other half are all feral inbreds

Kiwi anthem nuce touch

Come on boys!!!

Gleeson looks like one of those kids that upped his age to get to ANZAC.

The club needs a new hair stylist.

wowee wowee