Matt Rosa - the new Dodoro

I heard the selection board interview was a trade negotiation simulation and Rosa walked away with Essendon’s first and second rounders for the next three years, and Jackets traded in Kepler Bradley and Scott Gumbleton.

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The most remarkable thing about all of this is how tight lipped the club has become since Barham and Vozza have started working together.
Barham got grilled on radio and was largely mocked by the footy world after it for defending his team.

He played it perfectly, I was happy with how he handles it, and now looks even better.


I think Barhams discomfort in front of the microphone / TV camera masks his underlying intelligence and true performance. He’s not a smooth operator in this respect and he is first to admit that. Don’t be fooled by this. It’s about actions, not words and many fans are sucked in by believing what he says literally, completely missing the language queues and underlying meaning of what he says.

Thst SEN interview for me revealed everything which many missed, I made this point at the time. He carefully and guardedly supported Dodoro, most taking that literally and canned him. He then indicated Scott / Vozzo were very hands on in list management going forward, Barham glorifying Vozzo’s skill in this area “he’s all over it” he said. He then talked about more change the next 12 months.

In hindsight, Barham revealed all in that interview, if you / we chose to really think about what he said.

So, as bad as you think Barham is, he’s now overthrown the Board, got rid of Xavier, got a new senior coach, got rid of Mahoney and now seen off Dodoro.

What more does he realistically need to do? Get rid of Dodoro right now?? Sometimes it’s more complex that that, ok……….


I was actually thinking Shaun of the Dead rather than Ten(nant).

ha - gif not at you, but the collective we enjoying the future you described

my view on Dodoro is inline with your last bit - while I rate Dodoro’s record in recruiting as average, the development and coaching and execution of the list/team is on the coaches and the club admin (for $$ support). So he’s neither the whole story or the only “villain”.

We been an average side/club over the last “20 years” and that’s across the entire club.

yep - as you say there are many departments to change and improve.

Rosa’s one very important change. Hopefully he ends up rating as excellent. But that’ll take a while to get that assessment.

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I reckon it was great. Clearly defined the roles and didn’t add to the media narrative, it gave it clear air and then all of a sudden, the news drops. Barham knew what he was doing IMO.


Overall performance is the club’s done ■■■■ all for the 8 years he’s been on the board and of his “only two decisions” that he’s prepared to have any accountability for, he’s gone through 3 CEOs in just over a year.

Probably time for another review, it’s been over a week.

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How does Matt Rosa feel about small half backs?

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See, regardless of whether it’s Rosa or Jackets, I would like to know what the role of the Recruiter is. Is just can’t believe that drafting choices are made by the recruiter in isolation. It would HAVE to be done in conjunction with the coaching staff. You can’t have the coach really wanting a quick back pocket type and the club recruiting a ruckman.
Similarly we can’t be wheeling and dealing in trades without the coach knowing who is going to be offloaded.


Absolutely he did.

“Not my decision, so can’t be my fault”.

“Clear air”… did the posting in the Dodoro thread/s stop after that interview? Will they stop any time before Disco’s out of the building? Laughable.

For someone who’s resume is supposedly built on the fact he’s spent 20-30 years in sports media… he’s got absolutely no idea how the sports media operates

They work as a committee/group and form a bit of a battle plan. (Probably list manager, head recruiter, coach, footy manager - or something along those lines).

But sometimes things change so decisions have to be made somewhat on the fly. And executing it would come down to probably 99% the list manager.
Sometimes decisions (eg contracts over a certain trigger level) would have to go via CEO, footy manager or both as well. Even sometimes trade negotiations.

Eg Dan Richardson had involvement in finalising the Shiel deal.


It is done in conjunction with many staff within the Football Department.
Decisions aren’t made in isolation.
And there is plenty of vision and data. It certainly isn’t judged solely on a 3 minute highlights package. There would be approximately hours in total, showing every play that a player is involved in for every game we have access to (which is many).

Each club has a ‘policy’ related to recruitment, conduct, etc. Just like any business. That takes into account wages, conduct, reputation, etc. So there is a default that is allowed to be picked up without needing any further sign-off.
Once you go outside that policy / rules, you would really need to state your case to prove it is worthy of a pickup. That doesn’t mean the board has a say in everything, but in certain circumstances, they will know why we are going outside our ‘rules’ to take on a particular player.

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CEO is usually also involved in the process but usually later in the discussions and obviously more along the financial side.

I would expect Vozzo to be very involved in this and next years trade/draft.

Ok. Given the replies to my question it would seem that pinning the clubs woes on one guy are a bit misguided. This in not a keep Jackets post. It’s more a point that perceived issues with recruiting are a whole club issue and that along with the guy heading the department the process as a whole needs to be addressed.

If you take Weiderman for instance. His downside would have to well known within the group making the decision. You would like to think that the decision would have included an evaluation as to whether deficiencies can be addressed.

You can’t complain that the club hasn’t had its fair bite at the draft. We have had our fair share of choices in the first round. Why isn’t our success rate better?

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What a novel idea that’s not been discussed before.

Yes and I’m sure there was a potential recruit who got knocked back by the board in recent years (was it Marlin Pickett?).


The inverse of this can be quite common too, where people who were moved on are unlikely to give glowing reviews of someone who organised for them to be gone.

Serious but perhaps stupid question.
Is Rosa filling the assistant list manager position we advertised or is that position to report to him.

Not completely him, no.

FWIW I don’t think EFC as a club gives anyone a chance to really succeed. So many conflicts of accountability & responsibility. He would’ve reported to 10 different people over the years, and providing a list to 6? 7? different coaches to work with.
Mostly while under resourced compared to the competition.

So it’s not so much “is he the answer”, as “are we asking the right question”.

(I don’t think anything really speaks to keeping him, FWIW).


It’s never a simple as you’d think. The evolution you and others desire is underway as you may have noticed the last 12 months.