Maturity of the group

I’ve often thought about this in the past but do we think there’s a correlation between premiership winning teams and the amount of dads on the list?

We haven’t had a consistent bunch of dads on the list since the Lloyd/Hird days. Even when Watson, Stanton etc were the senior players they weren’t dad’s.

I do think having dad’s on the list certainly brings a sense of maturity to the list.


I don’t know how you can enforce that.


Haha not enforce it, but just an interesting observation I had particularly on father’s Day

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[bad and immediate thought and not serious]
I feel like you could source blitz for volunteers.


you’ve got way too much time on your hands


I wondered if you were talking about Blitz, rather than the team. If you were talking about Blitz, l would say, probably not.


So you’re holding up Stringer as the exemplar of maturity?
Reminder he was a dad in his Footscray days as well.
The defence rests your honour.


If Archie Perkins had a child he’d win the Brownlow medal

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So we need to get Archie to 100 games so that his son can win a Brownlow?

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the footscray days when he won a premiership.

west coast list have lots of dads too, also makes hub life etc a little harder i imagine.

if your a professional athlete it probably makes sense to defer kids to later in career.

especially with the reality of hub life these days.

Not as much as the players apparently.

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Draper needs to be entered into a breeding program.

Is this why we recruited Stringer?

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Maturity matters, but maturity is only indirectly related to having children. There are plenty of immature fathers, and plenty of mature players who are not fathers.


Not gonna lie, I thought it was about the maturity of blitz as well.

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If only Jake Carlisle hadn’t left.

Stringer plays for his kids good example

I recall in 2018 that West Coast claimed the family connection with so many parents helped bind the team. Adam Simpson easier it and said the connectivity was great as there were less guys drinking ■■■■ til early in the morning.

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Yup and then when young teams win premierships it’s all because of the youthful energy and enthusiasm etc

Swings and roundabouts