MCC Catering at EFC Function Tries to Kill Guests

I too was not feeling well last night. Not sure if it was the chicken pops from Red Rooster, drinking in the sun before the game or bursting some blood vessels in anger, nervousness and excitement.


So the snobs join the other 92,000 punters who had the ■■■■■ (but who didn’t get the duck l’orange paired with a selection of french varietals)


Em’s back!

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Who sent Eddie’s tuckshop order to the wrong place???

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That catering group has lost the contract



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I’ve heard that the investigation came up negative and the gastrointestinal problems have been attributed to the umpiring.


I was booing the lunch


Was it a gastrointestinally experimental environment that they were caught up in?

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Gastro at home is bad enough but losing control of one’s bowels in public at a high profile function would be farking horrible.


We’ll probably use this as an excuse to extend our contract at marvel.


That’s why I opt for the safe and reliable straz and sauce sandwich when I go to the footy. Risk of food poisoning extremely low.

Terrine the trigger after ‘more than 30’ get gastro at $725 MCG lunch

Zach Hope, Michael Fowler

4-5 minutes

Terrine the trigger after ‘more than 30’ get gastro at $725 MCG lunch

Guests at an official Anzac Day lunch at the MCG collapsed and were taken to hospital after a vicious bout of food poisoning.

Ambulance Victoria confirmed it assessed more than 30 people who were in the Olympic Room for an Essendon president’s function before Thursday afternoon’s match between Collingwood and Essendon, and a “small number” of those were taken to hospital in stable conditions.

Footy fans in the MCG’s Olympic Room got more action than they bargained for before the main Anzac Day clash.Credit:The Age

In dramatic scenes, guests reported watching others collapse in the hours after an entree of chicken and rabbit terrine was served about 12.30pm. Some people fell ill during the Anzac observance ceremony about 3.30pm.

A health department spokesman confirmed that food poisoning had affected multiple patrons and said the department would now conduct testing and sampling of guests and MCG kitchens to determine the cause.

The Essendon president’s function hosted about 600 people at $725 a head.

“[I] was there and it was very weird as one by one … people went down and were attended to,” one guest told The Age . “It kept going after we took our seats to watch the game.”

Another guest, Jan, told 3AW she began feeling faint almost immediately after eating the entree.

“Everything started to happen about the same time,” she said. “In between [the entree] and the main, I started to feel like I might faint. I went to the foyer and I came okay.”

“At about 3.30 we went out to watch the football and a young man passed out in front of me. Later in the afternoon I had to go to the sick bay, because I wasn’t feeling well, and there were about 30 people there.”

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan said he witnessed some fans fainting in the lead-up to the Anzac observance ceremony.

“I didn’t see vomiting, I saw some people fainting, distressed and sort of light-headed. I think a level of pain, but more light-headedness I would’ve said,” McLachlan told 3AW.

He said he was happy with the incident management inside the stadium after a response room was set up and didn’t believe it was a “longer term issue”.

McLachlan added he believed a report from the health department on the exact cause of the illnesses is expected at 1pm on Friday.

A health department statement said: “The department is working with the MCC and the City of Melbourne to investigate and ensure the function rooms are thoroughly cleaned and safe for future events.”

The next AFL match at the MCG is next Saturday April 4, when Melbourne play Hawthorn.

An MCC spokesman said they were investigating together with the AFL and Essendon Football Club.

“The MCC can confirm that at [Thursday’s] game, a number of guests presented with gastro intestinal symptoms,” he said.

"The guests were all part of the official match day function in the Olympic Room, and incidents are localised to this room only within the stadium.

"We are currently investigating to determine the cause of these incidents. We are working in co-operation with health services and our partners to understand what caused the medical issues.

“If you were a guest in the Olympic Room and are experiencing gastro intestinal symptoms, then please seek medical attention if the symptoms are causing you distress.”

So i had a better time with my $6.50 PieCo pie than the high rollers in the MCC.

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Terrine is yuck.


Yep, I definitely wouldn’t have got gastro as I don’t eat terrine


For $725 I would eat anything they put infront of me, they had better stock up the bar too…


I’ve had good terrine. It’s kinda like pimped up meatloaf.