McCartney in trouble?

A colleague of mine here at work who is very well connected at the Dogs has just said that he thinks McCartney is out of the Dogs as coach. Apparently will resign today.


Huge if true. Anyone else heard this?



Mark Stevens ‏@Stevo7AFL 3m3 minutes ago

McCartney I believe is at club. When he walks out, he won't be coach. Resigned or resigning .. Tough caper.


Can we take him back?

Footy is farked, if players can dictate who the coach is.


If you dont want to play for a club because the coach is too tough, then fark off.   I like Ryan Griffen as a player, but he is a bit soft, and going to President over the Coach is a weak as ■■■■.


If Doggies sack McCartney, hope he comes back to Bombers.

another coach bites the dust

Screw Peter Gordon

Will cuddles break his contract and leave in protest?

Can we take him back?

Hird once described him as the best coach he's been involved with (IIRC). You would have to think that he'd be chance to fill our assistant coaching vacancy.

Press conference with Peter Gordon and Simon Garlic at 11:30.

I'd totally have Crammers back.

I tell you what, Ocean Grove FC must have had a team of out and out champions of the game to have both McCartney and Neeld winning 4 premierships each under them.

Will cuddles break his contract and leave in protest?

Haha imagine if he came back if we get Macca back. He might become that key forward we are crying out for!

Wow. Peter Gordon not doing a very good job of keeping the media spotlight on us. Today was meant to be all about Paddy Ryder.

Thaaaat’s a shame

Surely there's something more than this 'he yelled us at our exit interview' crap.


If that's the reason, what kind of generation are we living in? Farking sooks.

11:30 presser called.


Never hire a coach that hasn't played at the top level.

In reflection, how good is the EFC given what has been thrown at us?