McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Had a beef mcwrap yesterday, not the best.

I think I should just stick with what I know and what I truly want when I decide on Maccas as my cheat meal, either a quarter pounder, grand angus or big mac.


You get 4. It’s actually too many. We have a dozen spares in the fridge and I don’t know what to do with them.


Have you lost all of your spoons?


You know you can buy nuggets at the shop and throw them in the oven don’t you?

Otherwise perhaps just order 2 or 3 sauces. Just because they offer them, dosen’t mean you have to accept them.



buying nuggets from the shops? rejecting free condiments? did none of you go to etihad when it had free condiment. singular.


For anyone taking the 2 doz. nugget deal today;


ohh the rare chicken snake.


Clearly fake.
McNuggets don’t look like that.


Looks ice creamy


Love the fast food photographers. The biggest nugs, stuffed in a smaller box to make them look enticing.

just like when they half cook the burger patty and put a thin piece of cardboard between each layer and individually glue the seeds on the buns and assemble just before the photo is taken.


Don’t forget the spraying with Hairspray.


Mcdav your apps ■■■■.


I seen a show where they showed ‘what really happens’ in a food tv commercial.

For the steam coming off food? It’s a tampon they soak them microwave…


You know that photo is absolutely bullshit right?


Thanks for that constructive feedback.


Any time


Absolutely. $hit of some kind anyway.

Bring back mcriblet


There’s few things more disappointing than a weekend cheat meal tasting like ■■■■.


■■■■ these 1 dollar thick shakes. I want me cheap food!


Especially when you look forward to rewarding yourself with the greasiest meal on the planet after eating a carrot the day before and going to the gym.