McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


If you’re not taking in a fair whack of protein and carbs before going to the gym, … are you not kinda wasting your time there?


Carbs before you go. But allowing time to digest them. Protein immediately after.


That’s what she said.


Had a Chicken Snack Wrap x 2 for $5

Probably needed some chilli sauce, but wasn’t too bad. Small enough to smash and then get back to work.


I feel a little bit pissy saying this.
But can you do your uber meals away from the counter?
It’s really annoying watching them being packed while you’re waiting for the meal you ordered.


$10 Popcorn Chicken BUCKET!

Your move McDav


It’s quite interesting, these Uber Eats and co are fundamentally changing society.

I went to a nice ish Asian place (not hole in the wall cafeteria, not ritzy), on a Wednesday night with a mate. All clean and tidy and done it up, 2 or 3 wait staff ready to go, good ambience etc. Seats 35 people? We were the only two people there. I said to my mate “gee I feel sorry for these small business owners, imagine tryna make a quid here, we’re probably their second and final customers for the night.”

Then I noticed a row of 20 - packed - Uber Eats bags, all lined up behind the counter. And a steady stream of people in motorbike helmets (all of a similar ethnicity which is interesting and potentially another issue) come in, collect a parcel, and leave. All night. And I haven’t stopped noticing it everywhere I go now.

It’s fundamentally changing society I think and it’s only just begun. We talk a lot about mental health issues and what we can do about them, I think little things like this are the issues that pop up without us noticing. Are we becoming a society of hermits? Is there a bit more to be said for going out and actually engaging with the community?

Bit of a tangent there…


Similar to the tangent I went on (a lot more brieferer) on what’s attacking the Australian way of life.
It’s a worthwhile thought.
The internet, Uber eats, perhaps I was drawing a longish bow with people not going to church any more (okay, not as many or as often), throw in Netflix…(further tangent…a bronies with their fedoras and katanas a symptom of this? Are we all going to end up like that?)…
It’s all becoming a bit Farheinheit 451.


I prefer to eat at the restaurant myself. I prefer the food piping hot, and not have to nuke it for a minute.


For good food at a decent restaurant I would rather go in. The food tastes better there and then.

Reckon more and more takeaways will stop doing the deliveries in house.

And what’s with people using Ubereats for Maccas? I’ve seen the bags stacked up in the same way.

Seriously how lazy is that? If you can’t be bothered even getting off the couch for a good ole Maccas run, there is truly something wrong with the world.


Both Uber eats and Deliveroo have gone down in my opinion.

When they first started there was a lot of different restaurants and cuisines. Now it seems to be all just average take away.

Delivery prices have been jacked up too.


Agreed. And I think one of the biggest issues no one is talking about (or at least acting on) is that the digitisation of every aspect of our lives, particularly communication channels who effectively control the flow of information (Facebook and Google) are all being run by for profit corporations with a mandate to maximising shareholder wealth rather than publicly owned impartial institutions. That to me is proper dystopian. And IMO we only have the next 10 or so years to change our minds before wrangling back control and backtracking to a different model is impossible.

Tangent within a tangent.


Is it that much different compared to getting the local asian joint/pizza shop delivering when you have a group of mates around?

I for one love UBER Eats when I am home alone with the kids in bed as I cannot just leave them home and don’t want pizza all the time.


Probably not. But I think the greatly reduced friction is making us do it much more. I have a few friends who do it several times a week.


What the hell are you people on about?

You should all move to the country where the foibles of such inane bullshit simply does not exist.

Remove yourselves from the detritus stream ffs.

Save yourselves!


Yeah but…Hunners.


Quite correct. I know Domino’s deliver in Warrnambool, but no deliveries here.


Hunters & Collectors??

Wot U talkin bout Bro??


Yeah-nah. Herald-Sunners.


Ahh, can you refer to them as Sunners or some such from now on?? Hunners is sacred man.

(Ok, … JFTR, I just got back from my neighbors shed (the DISTILLER, … shhhh) after a Sunday eve mutual mowing expedition turned into IPA’s then his latest Vodka, Gin and Bourbon efforts samplings.

But anyway, …pisst or nay, …the term Hunners does not deserve to mentioned as to bear any relationship with that shitrag. , … just my opinoin.