McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


I thought it was…some Latin crap for common usage.
But I’m flexible.
Sunners it is.

Also, thank you for reminding me of the good old fashioned country hypocracy.
What did they use to call them, SP Bookies?

You don’t happen to know any chop-chop guys, do you?
Ciggie prices are murder.

But, you know, Laura Norder and so forth.


Tried cooking?

Never get anything delivered. I always have a supply of (home made) frozen meals for days where I would be tempted to get take away.

This food delivery craze will end when the true cost of getting the food delivered is passed on to the consumer. At the moment there is a fight for market share so the consumer is getting things cheap. You can already see some of the resturants rebelling against the high costs.


I cook every night. If the missus is out and I am home alone, damn straight I am having a cheat meal.


Local pizza place said it cost him 27% of his order. I always go down there to pick up because it’s a nice chat.

He told me many of his existing customers started using delivery service, more than the rate of new customers. So now he’s ■■■■■■ at half his customers, and the delivery service.

Plus, I reckon once every 2 months we get some bozo at the door from Uber eats, claiming that we have ordered, and they don’t understand when I try to give them directions to the next street of house.



Once I ordered Indian which took close to 2hrs to get here (Claiming my street wasnt on Google maps) but when I complained they ended up cooking a fresh batch and delivering it quicker than original driver who rocked up after the fresh batch.


This is as disturbing as “Cukes”.



Words that sound better when said by Dingus, … “Cucumber”


The carb things a heap of ■■■■ if you want to put on weight or strength. Maybe abit of sugar before and get your protein after.

You can cut out bread and most carbs if you’re prepared to let your body adjust.


Ok, whatever.
Not going to argue about it.


No use fighting over spilt protein


You can only be niche for so long. In 18 months Maccas has gone from not delivering to being the 2nd largest company delivered to homes, behind the “apparent” best in class tech company Dominos.

Funny they now use 3rd Parties because their tech is actually shithouse.


For now.


That’s pretty remarkable.

What is the quality of food like once delivered? I’m sure they’d have tested it to understand.

Assuming you can’t order drinks or ice creams. Fries would be the one you want to order that might go soggy during delivery.


Just out of interest, … how much are people paying “Uber eats” and their ilk to deliver take away like Macas KFC etc ?


Can order almost anything you want. We control menu to not overwhelm with choice, and eliminate some items that don’t travel well, but drinks and icecream are definitely delivered.


As a customer? UE charge between 5-6.95 to deliver. KFC are charging $8.95 via deliveroo and Menulog ( who are dying a slow death). Everyone else on D’roo’s platform are around $5.


Never thought I would see Maccas in frankston go out of business but it’s gone. How bad would you have to be to not run a McDonald’s in frankston at a profit.


Which one?


Bayside food court


That doesn’t surprise me. When living there I avoided that food court :smile: