McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


The infamous, Bell St maccas or Clifton Hill


It doesn’t look appetising, it’s out of proportion. Never bothered to try


It’s like a cheeseburger, except better, and with meat in it.


as opposed to a cheeseburger which has what in it?


Clifton Hill 4th April
Preston 17th April


I might start buying them again.

srs? It was a pizz take ralph. as in not very much meat. :roll_eyes:


Just making sure I don’t need to mythbust.


So you ruin rainforests for grazing and don’t even use the meat?
That just seems mean.


Can you do a HSP?
I want to hear Pauline call McDonald’s UnAustralian.




Everything needs more caramelized onion.


I concur, and I want the crunchie McFlurry back. My Macca’s intake has significantly dropped since that left. I’m sure Coogee Macca’s are feeling the pinch.

Double QTR pounder is the bomb btw.


I rarely eat at Macca’s but had one of those for dinner tonight. Pretty good.


Better with Bacon.

Will taste better from Coogee May 1st.

Have you noticed the buns look diff.

(Not you guys in Vic, that’s next week).


Does this even need to be stated? Everything, EVERYTHING is better with bacon.

Why do i feel like a lab rat in a maze whenever i come in here? With you doing crazy experiments on us! I leave hypnotized and craving maccas.


I have actually noticed this, I almost thought they were over toasted the last few times.
What is the difference?


Uber eats my friend


I’d be rapt if they had returned to their original size.


Is this wagon wheel syndrome?
A quick google says they’ve increased the weight of the pattie.


Can you not read?? We’re talkin Buns man, BUNS!

Not something as inconsequential as what’s inside them.