McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Why would they make the pattie bigger and the buns smaller?


A question I’ve been asking myself for years.




But they reduced the price by 5 cents so ALL good!!!

Haven’t bought one since in protest, Fkn stupid.


Go the double! I think i might indulge now for lunch.


I have noticed that their special burger buns are generally too small.
Especially when they drown it in sauce.


I think they just assume everyone wants half their cheese stuck to the burger wrapper.


Glazed, slight change in formulation - less uniform to be more real.

Also a burger patty should always overhang the bun - that’s the look.

Surprised people would complain around melted cheese, considering for a while it never happened here because we were putting it straight out of the refrigerator onto burgers. Who TF wants cold cheese on a hot burger?

Tempering again to ensure you get the nice melt.

Implementing around 20 odd small tweaks to burgers to create the best possible burger. Won’t get it right 100% of the time, but I’ve busted my ■■■ on this for the last 18 months so you better eat it, and you better like it!


Won’t exist real soon.


For perspective, our Qtr Pnd was always outside of global spec - we aligned.

Anyway these new buns toast better and stay hotter.



That sounds like a pretty cool job.




It was for a little bit.


I imagine it was cool until focus groups destroyed your sanity.


No more El Macos?


This question has probably already been answered, but where TF does the middle bit of bread in the big Mac come from? Is it just a really tall bun cut into 3?


Yep - we call it a club


Are you a Yank imported to Maca’s Aus by any chance? :thinking:


It’s weird when people name a burger after a sandwich. Please don’t put them in rolls with onions and call them buns.


That’s a little offensive. No. All procedures and processes are based off global standards so of course we call it what they call it…


Say what?


I’d say calling him a Septic.

Dave’s a Keilor boy.