McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Being non-meat does not mean it is healthy, if that’s what they want to advertise.
You can eat vegan/vegetarian and be eating crap/bad food - high bad fats, high salt, high sugar, lots of artificial additives. So it’ll be interesting to see what the nutritional data is on this.

It’s about being aware what it is you are eating, and why.


The yummy veggie bake pasta I have can’t possibly be healthy.


It’s a treat. A yummy treat. Enjoy it for what it is.


Why would they make a Veggie burger and not make it Vegan? Surely they are doing themselves out of a big chunk of potential business.


Probs don’t want vegans in their restaurants


Food snobs never admit to a Mac attack. Vegans are at the ultra end of food snobs.



So how is everything all fresh now, Dav? There was a bombardment of ads over the weekend. Everything looks kinda the same though…


Have they ever had a Parma burger?

I’d be hanging out at Bell st maccas 24/7 if they brought one out.


A lot of tweaks here and there that we (honestly, me) have been working on over the last 18 months. Was a global project that changed bun formulation (look, feel, how it holds temp), how we cook our beef (sear time, pressure on grill etc), how we replenish vs holding, and then how we cycle through condiments. We temper cheese again, so it actually melts (who thought cold cheese on a hot burger is a good idea?).

Anyway, we rolled it out to restaurants over the past 4 months, and now we are talking about it, hence the media hit. Will continue this hit for a solid number of weeks.

We do free Qtr pnd via the app tomorrow - the QP is the biggest improvement of all products - it’s amazing. QP gets hero treatment soon.

Oh, and does anyone want El Maco back?

EDIT: The idea is to give customers the burger they get 1 time out of 10 and say “■■■■ that was pretty good” 9 or 10 times out of 10.


Years ago. Was ■■■■.


Just weren’t ready for it I guess…


Outside of chicken places/pubs, schnitty is ■■■■■■■ hard to do right.


yes to El Maco.


Have to admit, the ads made me want to try a Big mac for the first time in…ever.
Toasted rolls, eh?

And a big yes to El Maco, but go easy on the sauce.
Some of the special burgers turn to mush before you’re half way through.

Some people might like that, I guess.


Is El Maco chicken or beef?


We’ve always toasted buns, they just stay hotter and we toast them better now (like we really used to toast them, years ago).

El Maco is chicken and beef. Likely an additional variant of it too, but can’t talk about that :slight_smile: (no not fish)

Sauce mix is pretty good - challenge will be around the sour cream as it’s a different dispense mechanism, so your standard 15yo could ■■■■ it up.


If there was any improvement it was lost on my last Saturday at Surfers. My Cheeseburger was folded over and half the cheese was on the wrapper. Perhaps packing the Cheeseburger on top of the Big Mac box rather than down the side of the bag would help. Big Mac was allright but I didn’t notice much difference from what I remember.


Quarter Pounder is the real MVP


Would’ve loved mine yesterday had they not forgotten the ■■■■■■ onion!!