McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer

aren’t all McDonalds burgers “processed mince slammed together”?

Yeah but…none so obv as the McRib.
There is no way to convince yourself that’s a cut of meat.


I haven’t seen one yet.

Feel like a McRib, might get one

What of you start with a mcchicken and add an extra patty?

The mcchicken sauce is the business, don’t be mixing with Big Mac sauce!

French Maccas was the best Maccas


In Australia we’ve got the metric system. Why don’t we have the Royale with cheese?

You aren’t the target customer Wim, it’s the most requested burger to be brought back to market.

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I don’t work in AU anymore.

Also, you’re not meant to be able to do it yourself because technically, we aren’t allowed to sell it with McChicken patties under global rules.

The Maharaja is still the best and would love it to come to Australia. I do like the Samurai burger you could get in Singapore too but no idea if it’s still around

What happened to Maccas?

Cash only yesterday, worldwide!

were they held for ransom?

Is the grand big mac the size that the big mac used to be?

Had Maccas at the Gp the other week.

Chips were the best ever, nuggets not so much.

But it was great. They only sell medium chips, and 6 pack nuggets.