McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer




Best was when mad mex had their 1kg burrito. Straight after footy training about 15 of us would go and smash one or two each.
They were not fans. And a free to shirt with every burrito.
Note: the burritos were horrible.


Sounds like a worthwhile gym session


Worthwhile, required. Either one.


Mrs just went to get some new spicy nuggets and shaker fries. She gets home, no spicy sauce, no spicy shakers and they forgot the custard pie.

So I rung them, go off a bit, he agrees to replace the entire order and throw in a few apples pies.

Mrs goes back to get them, gets home, no shakers fries, they give us plain nuggets instead of spicy.

What a night.


More than required.

I just checked the nutritional information.

You consumed:

Double Quarter Pounder
Cheeseburger x 2
10 Nuggets
Large Fries
Large Drink
Regular Sundae

Drumroll, thats 11245kj.

Average daily kj intake: 8700kj

You beast



52 fecken Bucks!! WTH?


I love these situations because you get to feel like a big man doing your block at some pimply 14 year old.


See the cost of living allowance is required in Sydney!!

  1. Are you eating this Solo
  2. No chips/drink?


In this case I removed chips, got extra nuggets and a McChicken instead of.
Also prefer water, so no need to get that delivered.


You can “swap” chips for 20 nuggs and an entire extra burger?


Extra 10 nuggs, and upgraded cheeseburger to McChicken. In replace of chips.


EIther way. It’s a hell of a lot of food for one person.


That is true. I am a large guy. Been going to the gym and playing football for a long time. It will catch up with me eventually.

PS: I have nothing on Donnington.


When Rolo thinks your Macca’s intake is excessive you got a big big problem


This thread just keeps on giving.




What happened to the big breakfast? As a kid I loved them