McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Mcdav reading BomberMiks orders


Monday night world cup final. Booyah maccas.
Uber eats has definitely increased the uptake


So are you all trying to tell me a large meal is enough???


Think it was taken off either due to it being unpopular or the health reason (scrambled egg or some shit).

When I worked at Maccas back 10 years ago I had a customer who wanted the eggs super runny. Did my head in as he kept sending them back.


Back in the day, I’d often get a B&E McMuffin for brekky, used to ask for the egg to be easy over/runny, … and they happily accommodated me for a few years, … then one day, it was to be no more, only solid pale yellow shitt yolks, … and that was that, haven’t had one since.




Didn’t realise you were up here!


Sadly we’re not allowed to sell eggs over easy/runny at all. Risk is far too big and the Health Department would kill us.


Big Breakfasts are like sport events in Sydney. Everyone says they are interested but no one ever commits.


Too many good breakfast options in Sydney, especially in the eastern suburbs. Magnificent walk along the beach this morning.


Moved to Sydney around 2005 from Melbourne. Hard to find a better place than Sydney eastern suburbs to live.


apart from Melbourne of course. We’re in the upper north shore. Not as picturesque, but tolerable.

And close to the office.


I get to WFH when not on the road. So I’m lucky there. Any coastline here is amazing. I have a lot of friends in Newport and Plan Beach.
Always a nice drive up that way


Damn! I ■■■■■■ loved them. Every Saturday I’d go get one when i was a kid


I figured that was it, … which is weird. How is every other cafe restaurant etc able to do it just fine if that’s the case?


Not using bored 12 year olds as cooks?


How about Dolphin or Whale burgers?
And don’t skimp on the blowhole.


Trained chefs have food safety training. I’ve even got a certificate in the storage and handling of food and that’s just because we sometimes leave sandwiches and other random items out for people to eat.


Newly refurbed Macca’s in town is very fancy. Can’t wait to buy some filth and complain about it.


Dave I know this’ll be the 100th time but what was the actual reason for the non stirred McFlurrys? Someone said OHS? Or was it just time?