McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Khloe SMASH!!


About time this sort of stuff happened. The customer is always right mentality has turned a lot of us into spoiled brats.
The customer can’t possibly always be right and it was a good lesson for me as a youth working customer service that not all adults are good at adulting.


Of course


The customer is actually rarely right.


Good attitude.


You need to appreciate the demographic :grin:


I thought mcdav was a bloke and not a North American woman.


Well she’s not nth american.


And generally a ■■■■


What actually is a McRib? Surelybtndoesnt have an actual rib in it, is it just a bit of pork belly?


If that.


Really don’t like the Maccas setups these days. Do people really use the screens to order?

They seem to take up so much space and just make the whole entrance seem clunky.


I use them cause I like to limit my amount of social interaction during the day


Can you do thicker chips. And banana splits. And the pork riblet. And sponser my coits team.

But mostly pork riblet. With apple sauce. And an option on cranberry.




Lost their appeal after they got rid of the ‘Create your Own’ gourmet burgers.


@mcdav - Just had the new apple pie mcflurry. Not a huge fan unfortunately.


are you an engineer?


Kids wanted KFC as a treat, wife sends me down with the order. Well what a bonus, it was only an extra $6 for a 24 pack of nuggs.

Split them 12/12 OG and spicy. They were actually much better served in a box than a soggy paper bag. Spicy was the crowd favourite.

Their sauces are TERRIBLE.


You wanna talk KFC start a Dirty Bird thread.