McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


Oh yeah…and then I told my wife
“our kids aren’t gonna eat that crap! I’ll swing by Maccas and get a bunch of delicious burgers and fries. You want an apple pie?”


Just not the apple pie McFlurry. Bleh.


Monopoly on the way back



Saw this on facebook


@mcdav dude I’m in Singapore and no more quarter pounder??? Wtf.
The original Angus?? Wasn’t bad though.
Durian McFlurry is not getting a try.


Do they have the samurai pork burger?

If so…



Yeah I don’t have a lot of say outside ANZ.



Started yesterday.


You’re wrong, but that’s ok.


Hook us up with the winning tickets Dav. What could possibly go wrong


I would if I could. Can give you a $5 magazine subscription discount though… winning.


As much as I’d like a cheaper copy of Big Mac Monthly I think I’ll pass my friend. Rolo would probably be interested though


Make a pavk a 24 CHICKEN NUGGETS a prize


I did do a Macca’s run the other day for the first time in ages. Grilled chicken snack wrap still the best thing on the menu by a farking mile


Oh hey look the weather’s getting warmer, time to start getting out and about and in shape for summmer

What’s that? Macca’s Monopoly? fuuuark


Monopoly isn’t anything compared to what’s coming.


You mean something is better than nobody winning any good prizes? Tell me more!


People win ■■■■ all the time.

not my fault we give away a f**king suzuki


Oh people win, but if the US is the example it’s probably a managers friends friend friend doing the winning…


All redemption is digital these days so we have pretty rigorous checks in play. It’s actually a pretty cool setup - no longer about peeling tickets and sticking to tray mats. Prizes get given away faster as the second chance draw is instant via app. (which is how most of the big prizes go).