McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer




Tell me more. And out of everyone I deserve to know.

I think you need a loyalty program as well. With the amount I fkn spend I deserve some free ■■■■.

Guzman give me burritos, that mad mex junk gives me t-shirts. Come on DAV.


Take your choice; gastric band or funeral insurance.


Went To Maccas today just to play monopoly game.

Got Mayfair, old chapel rd and chance and won a free drink.

Had sausage and egg mcmuffin, should have had bacon and egg.

And a vanilla thick shake which was refreshing as always.


Which one gives me a side of nuggets?


If I could I would. Come back in 6 weeks and I might drop a hint.

In the mean time, download the ordering app.


Nuggets in Japan taste better than AUS, much better. Fries pretty much the same.

$13 for 3 lg fries and 15 nights tho.

Great deal.


That’s excellent value for accommodation.
Is a room included or do you just sleep in the dining area?


Funnily enough it was a walk up window, so they moved me on rather quickly.

Actually seen a few homeless people here which was a surprise.


Considering this is a web site, how do you know who is homeless?


Hanging out at McDonalds is probably a hint.



Seen this bad boy in Japan. Meat ratio gives me heartburn just looking at it.

FTR, do countries other than Oz put egg in burgers? (Assuming this is a breakfast menu item)


Grimace lives!!!

Not sure this would suit Aussie tastebuds. But they do have a Black Thunder McFlurry, which looks pretty good.



Yeah but do they have the Durian McFlurry?


And the samurai pork burger?

Or us that racist in Japan?


Shintaro burger?


You were Iga, Ninja, to get that one out…


@mcdav when are you going to build some classier stores in OZ?


and how about one of vegan burgers you scorned?wheat patty, mushrooms and 3-pepper sauce (not to be confused with a 2 P Meter). Massive vegan movement, especially in Germany.


How come maccas doesn’t do any lamb


They did a little while ago.
If they do then I hope they do it properly, because Red Rooster was very much a case of stick to chicken.