McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer


So, what’s the new thing, or how long do we need to wait?


How’s the paper straw trial going?


This changes everything


Paper straws suck, poorly.


Nov 1 - 30 Days, 30 Deals via mobile app. You can essentially show and go, no need to actually transact.

Heavy discounts.

Better than Monopoly, because everyone’s a winner.

Eat up.


Perhaps you could use plastic straws, but charge 10c deposit to make people return them to a site somewhere miles away from where they bought them.

You know like what they are doing to cans/bottles here.


Yeah we are looking at some other initiatives which help us responsibly achieve the right outcome. Will start to happen quickly.


Just made me have an idea.

Only really works for Macas, but being their straws are a big part of the Straw Dilemma, it would be worth it.

Make the straw be part of the plastic lid, build it in, as one.

Ask if they want a straw?? Use the Strawed lid.

I’d wager 99% of lids end up in the bin with the cup, so it would probably fix the issue, at least from a Macas aspect.


Or just use a sip lid like everything else.


Yeah, … I don’t think they’ll buy that, People love a straw, … and I don’t see how that would ever work with the likes of a Thickshake.

If that’s what you’re planning though, good luck with it, it’s a positive step.


It’s still a massive problem even if the straws end up in the bin you realise? It’s the fact that they are made from a particularly resilient form of plastic which takes squillions of years to break down, despite the fact they’re only used once.


Are there vegie burgers?


Dave on that note have you witnessed a trend in purchasing habits wrt vegetarianism and veganism?


Ban straws.

■■■■ people who moan about it.


Ban bans


Yeah a shake would likely see a paper variant. It’s a tough one to crack.


Next year.


Nope. Not really.


I think I used to know her, but I’m not sure her name was paper straw.


flurry the mcflurries.

bring back something i like but can’t remember what it was called.