McDonalds Suggestions for McDav - and worker body-slams customer




Tomorrow less exciting. $1 fries. But gets better next week.


24 nuggs for $5 or close the thread


Lame that the Monopoly free food prizes are only valid til 30/10. End up not being able to redeem a bunch of food



Bah. You can get 100 for $10 from Red Rooster.


Don’t even, Red rooster nuggs, come on man.


Just had a late dinner. $2 Big Mac. Thanks for the tip off barnz.


Red Rooster?! Do you people have no self respect? Jeeeeesus


I contend that the Rooster Roll was once good.
A long time ago.


Before or after we last won a final? I’d be thinking about mid 90s…


It’s amazing the way they can make the same roll seem both soft and microwaved to hell, and stale.
I do still have one every now and then, hoping it’ll be okay this time.

And gosh their lamb roll was awful.
I have to assume it’s cheaper, or makes the meat go further, to shred it.
Lamb chunks are so much betterer.


The red rooster nugget is shocking unless of course you are talking about their cheesy nuggets which are close to best in show.


Sorry when did this become a thread about Craveable Brands?


Where’s my ■■■■■■■ nugg special!


Where’s my HSP Burger?


24 nuggs for $8 tomorrow.




Under whelming


What’s the sauce ratio supposed to be for nuggets? They never give enough!

I’d be expecting 4 if I buy 24 pack.