McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


Our McNuggets are so good, that even when your high on meth you'll still want to eat them.


Finger lickin' good

Can I say that?


Touchscreen is reducing maccas overhead as they have less serving you. And the new drive thru system is a waste. You dont get your order any quicker. I was picking up some nuggets for Billy Jnr and the bloke next to me cut me off when the 2 lanes merge into 1.

Burgers they need to bring back:
El Maco
Chilli quarter pounder.

The McCafe coffee still taste crap


The McCafe coffee was ok when you could get an iced latte which was real coffee, now everything is just syrup and they charge a bomb for it.


Yes, provided you are discussing fried chicken.


Actually, it's about trying to move the crew from standing like robots behind counter to serve you better in the dining room. Robots though, will be robots.

Dual lane DT is nothing to do with serving faster, it's to do with increasing capacity. Which has worked.


That's the problem. The "everyday battler" wants the ■■■■.


McDav has been summoned.

Bring the Masala Dosa Brioche here.


Bet you've OEed the shit out of that drive-thru. :wink:


bring back the mcspicy.


I really miss the El Maco


And how the hell does a salad have more calories than a big make? What's in the fricken dressing, liquified Big Macs?


Once they fcked with the Qtr pounder, and started charging beyond dumb for what is essentially crap, … I don’t miss any of it if I’m honest.


Was in Melbourne for a few days last week. Went down to Albert Park and grabbed a burger from Andrews. Buggered if I know why people eat McDonalds.



People who act too cool for Maccas should be deported to Iran. I'm as pretentious as the best of them about coffee but if you don't reckon a Maccas drive through coffee hits the sweet spot of convenience and taste there's no helping you.


Best things about Macca's is that the coffee is drinkable and the toilets are clean.
They have their place. I just believe that place is largely on the side of a highway as a convenient pit stop on a long drive.


A burger at Macca's is 3 Bucks. You're not going g there for a prime burger.


What, a big mac, or one of those gourmet burger things they advertise are only 3 bucks?


You found a clean toilet?


When we got back to Paris after travelling through Europe, people were very happy to find a clean, and more importantly FREE, toilet at Maccas on the Champs Elysées.

Not many places in the UK you can have a free Zorba or Rodney either. Back in 1997, it cost a pound in Harrods. I made up for it though. I left them a kilo, not a pound.