McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


Not everyone is as cashed up as you. It also keeps me in a job so f**k off.


Global CEO is making it really hard to leverage equity in "core" products. Doing heads in.

Share price is good though, so easy come easy go.


Was much better when I ran that restaurant.


The Maccas on Vic Parade in the city has the worst drive through service of any place ever ever ever.




Must say mcdav, just fyi,.. we stopped in at HJ's Cranbourne on the way back from the footy the other week, and OM.G the new Hungry Jacks chips have got everyone covered.

4 of us voted, between Red Rooter, Dirty Bird (KFC), Mac Deez, and them, and all agreed they are the bomb.


I think we are basically the only place doing fries now they've jumped ship. We'd have no chance to shift due to global standards.


Won't be back in it's original form, but maybe do something similar.


Collingwood? That's our head office in vic. Awks.


Anyone tried the salted caramel pie (sort of like an apple pie). Wife reckons it looks awesome.

What I'm asking is, should I head up to Bell St Maccas and try one?


Just saw an ad for the 'salted caramel' pie.

  1. You're too late for the salted caramel trend by about two years
  2. The perfect pie is staring you in the face and THIS is what we get?!


mcspicy pie?


brad green pie?


Just bring back the Apple and Custard pies


Exact feedback is that lemon pie "doesn't test well"


Response: YOU don't test well


Hot or cold? Got to be cold, which goes against the tradition.


Lol’d the Hell out of that.


Anyone remember the El Maco or sweet Chilli qtr pounder?


You need to not live in Toowoomba.