McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


Just make a triple or quad big mac and call it the McMassive.










I wish Maccas would have set time for their Shake machine cleaning at their 24hr stores. Nothing shieeets me more than after pulling a 20hr shift hearing that shakes aren’t available atm, when getting a sneaky double cheeseburger meal at 3 in the morning


Had a few mates work there, they also broke all the time.




What about the: “Mc3.36am Sunday morning burger meal”? Available all weekend.


The solution there is to drink all weekend so you’re allways in a 3:30 state.


Hot jam donuts at maccas? Reckon they’d go alright.

I Know a bloke who used to deep fry and then inject cheeseburger buns with strawberry Sundae topping, claims it’s out of this world good.


Did you fry it in beef tallow or some other ugly non vegetarian friendly method? Vegetarians are pretty suss about McDonalds’ methods.


They used to do this at the store i worked at when I was a kid. Except you use the actual jam from the little packets. Can confirm its insane good




Well this post was in 2013. Did this egg throwing event occur?


I’ve heard of this, … they call it the McCoronary don’t they?


Ah, maybe that’s what it was, make more sense.

McDav, can you confirm, if I went into a Maccas and asked someone to deep fry a cheeseburger bun and serve a side of Jam, would this be available on the breakfast or all day menu?


Make one of those cheeseburger donuts $1 with a coffee and I’ll never leave.


For the love of everything that is good and not wholesome, someone needs to hear this at the Golden Arches and get on it…STAT!!!

Followed by wheeling in a defibrillator…STAT!!!


The former.