McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


not a pressure cooker.


Can you get easier to clean/fix/quicker restock icecream machines?


We could easily counter that with more than one in every restaurant.

I no rite.


New line, “The McWRATH”.

100% pure Canadian beef, sweet success sauce, with extra salt for Hawks fans.

Comes in a happy meal with your own footy and a Rolex for 18 year old kids.


Can’t it just be a cheesebuer with maple syrup?*

I actually want this.


I will be constructing one of these at my earliest convenience. With bacon.


Steak sandwich, on bread


The Elvis dessert sandwich

All in a toasted sandwich thanks.



We can’t toast bread. Legit.


I think you need to go with international burger of the month and roll out some of the gems from overseas. I remember when I was in KL they have the double pepper crunch thing which was amazingly full of flavour.


Samurai Prok Burger.

Cannot stress this enough.


Chicken and bacon?


Was going for the “Pr0n” tie-in, but now I don’t care about that and want a chicken burger with bacon.


Can you suggest to make chocolate shakes more chocolatey?

Coffee and Mocca shakes too please.


The Maharaja Mac from India is good. Can confirm.

Also the Pepper McBacon was still the greatest ever. Was in Poland.


1000 x this

I once got them to add chocolate topping from the sundae thinking it would work. Negative. Can’t drink it, clogs the straw.


You may get one of those new options.




Not gonna happen.