McDonalds Suggestions for McDav



Is lamb too expensive?


Pretty much, plus no one bought it.


Fair enough.
I thought it was really good.


If you bring it back I swear I will personally buy enough of it myself to make it worth your while. I will literally quit my job and just drive around all day buying lamb snack wraps.


Well in that case…



It was way too greasy


Macca’s monopoly used to be an exciting, once every 4 years event. Like the Olympics. Now it seems to come twice a year.


Yet people still flock to it like Bogong Moths to floodlights.

There’s a reason why it’s an annual thing.


How weird.

Is it still true it’s 1000x harder to win Macca’s Monopoly than the Lottery?


Depends what you consider a win. I’ve had a ■■■■ tonne of free small fries over the years.


Try doing Yr on Yr growth without doing Monopoly. Impossible.


I’ve got a few ideas…

Well actually just one.


The odds of winning Powerball: 1 in 175 million.
The odds of winning Mega Millions: 1 in 176 million.
The odds of finding a Boardwalk: 1 in 600 million.


That is for America


I get sucked into maccas monopoly every year. I love it.

May get the family meal tonight. (it’s awesome value)

26 bucks
2 large burgers of your choice (big mac, mcchicken, quarter pounder etc)
2 small burgers of your choice (chessy, hammy, chick and cheese)
2 family size fries (massive)
10 nuggets
4 medium drinks

does anyone know how many monopoly pieces you get on the family fries… I need to know.


Holy s**t… looks like there is NO monopoly pieces on family fries



Actually that’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask. What’s the idea of family fries, the cynic in me imagines they look bigger than two large fries but actually have a smaller overall volume.


But if you bought Loaded Fries you’d get some.


Pretty sure it’s the same. Just depends on what happens with the person putting the fries, in the box.