McDonalds Suggestions for McDav


no monopoly on the family fries?

how can we justify a family box for ourselves now?


Dinner boxes aren’t high selling, so imagine having the print new packaging for something that doesn’t move.

That’s a lot of unused game tickets.

Probably @Riolio’s Boardwalk sitting in amongst them.


Loaded fries are awesome.
Not pretty, but awesome.


Could be 15-20% more loaded in my opinion.

I’d describe them as “dressed” currently.


More like, Nouveau riche


I loved the year Macca’s changed which tokens were the rare ones, then proceeded to use the leftovers from the previous years packaging resulting in them receiving winning claims for thousands of cars. And then they managed to convince a court that all those making claims must have kept the previously years tokens and they didn’t have to pay out. Hugh Laurieous


Lol. Truffle Mayo and Parmesan

Maccas, pls.
And ffs, throw some bacon pieces into the sour cream and salsa
What is this, communist Russia?.


You know that’s not what happened, right?


This blog post is 1000x longer than it needs to be but the way that ‘premium mediocre’ is taking over everything we buy is quite incredible.


I like the horsefeed of fries and gravy, or fries, salsa and sour cream, but could you make it classy?



Pretty sure only Gravy left at the moment.


I worked in a store that did it! It was around 99-01 as I recall. 2nd year of the promotion.


Stopped reading at GOT.
There’s a better phrase for that, and I reckon it was coined here.
Can’t recall it exactly, but it was something like. '■■■■■■ up by morons.'
Something pithier, though, I’m sure.
The moment there was an outcry on Jamimie and Cersei by their sons coffin, and oh…Bolton being not nice to Sansa on their wedding night…

How can these be the same people who watched Bolton cut off Theon’s ■■■■?
A: They can’t be.

Screw you guys.


the promotion ran in 1998 and then again in 1999. The actual property cards looked completely different. One had a yellow M in the background, the other didn’t.

If old stock was used, it wasn’t a knowing decision made by corp (or hopefully the supplier/manufacturer of tickets).

It could have been a poor decision by those operating the restaurant.

the packaging was also completely different.

Pretty shallow gene pool though :slight_smile:


You’re right about all of that. It wasn’t a corp decision. It was a fark up by individual stores. And make no mistake, our store was one of those. We kept the packaging up the back of the storage area and used it the next year. 100%




Would be impossible these days.

  1. we always sell out
  2. We’d personally go in and burn the ■■■■.


I really liked the first four (five?) seasons of GOT.
I’m offended by defining it as 'premium mediocre.‘
Unless you’re comparing to Aida, but even if you are then you’re a friggin’ ■■■■■■.


It’s not the best example but the point being made is pretty good.


They hardly fill a large to capacity. When you go to tap it on the bench you end up with essentially a medium.

Also the 1 and a half swirl for a cone can GGF