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I am watching footy on TV and those ■■■■■■ electronic signs are giving me the craps.

So distracting, and what about the way they move when players are shooting for goal!

if a sign gets them they have no chance against the crowd.

But they play with acrid every week, these signs are not everywhere, yet.

They give a headache trying to watch footy. I will check it out at the G tomorrow. Maybe I can look for the off switch.

Also those damned kids on my lawn.

I find them pretty annoying on TV but find it easy to ignore them at the game.

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Also those damned kids on my lawn.

Nah, front lawn is easy; broken glass and rabbit poison. Those pesky kids don’t come back.


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Also those damned kids on my lawn.
Deserves a lol.

They are actually getting quite a few complaints about that advertising and unintended effects. Lots of epileptics, amongst others, find them very concerning.

They’re very distracting at rugby league games.

“For the fans!”

Just happens to derive ■■■■ loads more income for the afl. ■■■■■■ spare me.

Well now I have seen it live, it is less distracting than onTV, and I just got to say loved that farking Bomber flying around !!