McGrath our next captain

Quite simply … I see McGrath as our next captain. And btw I wouldn’t hesitate post the end of this season. Give it to him because I suspect he’d rarely let us down.

As far as I can see (and sadly being over here in the UK) but watching most games you get the feel of players who truly play for the jumper. He’s one and always does. What age was Jack Clarke when given the title someone?

Let’s build … but in terms of true worthy Essendon leaders … Andy MGrath has my vote for 2021.


I can feel the hand of mod a coming


Saad next

I’m not convinced that we have anyone on the list that is a worthy captain.

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There aren’t many players in our team who play for the honour of wearing the jumper.
They probably wouldn’t even know what that means. Along with our loss of culture of the greatness this club once had is what the jumper means. Most wouldn’t know or understand.

I just dont see mcgrath leading us.

We need a ■■■■ of a bloke. We need a toby green type. A bad boy, Mongrel who will cause havoc and stick up for players when being pushed around. Who won’t accept losing and be devastated when we do lose.

I dont see any of our players who are like that currently.
The only players I see with alittle bit of mongrel in them is draper and stringer and maybe Smith.

Zaharakis IMO


Na, I reckon we need a guy who is still trying his guts out in the last few seconds to save a game. When his teammates around him have all but stopped.

You know, like Andy McGrath.


Shiel -> McGrath -> Tom Hird

I would love Stringer as captain. Had some baggage when he got here but looks to have matured alot and always gives 100% and seems to give a ■■■■ about the club.



Jobe was such a rubbish captain.

(Substitute Hird above if you’re one of those weirdos who thinks he was a better captain.)

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I don’t reckon even Toby Greene thinks a ‘Toby Greene type’ would make a good captain.


i dont care aye we have a team of unmotivated ■■■■■’s

Yeah, I just don’t think an undisciplined player prone to sniping, is the type that will motivate them.

I agree we need more ■■■■■ in the team in general, though. But I feel that you need a leader who sets high standards when it comes to things like effort and discipline, and I reckon McGrath has that in spades.

The only way I see him not being our next captain, is if they change it next year, and it’s considered a bit early for him.


How’s Jack Trengove’s career going at present?

Need to hold off another couple of years, at least

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Might’ve said Smith a little while back, but now not so sure.

Certainly hasn’t had as much ‘Fark you I’m good and I know it’ 2018 smugness to his game or the same impact

Maybe he’s kinda realised Ah why bother with this lot!

The smugness is still there. Trouble is he can’t back it up.

We just gotta get rid of this nice bloke attitude, wont get us anywhere in footy. Heppell and hurley seriously arnt demanding any standards.