Media agenda- Shortened Quarters

I understand that footy, and the rules of the game are the last thing on our mind right now, and rightly so.

However, I cannot believe the media’s push for the game to adopt these 16 minute quarters. I was watching AFL360 last night, and to hear Gerard Whateley say that we’ve found a solution to the game’s problems left me gobsmacked.

To me, it reeked of AFLX, with a mix of basketball. More goals does not equal more entertainment, it just doesn’t.

I would be fuming if this was introduced for the 2021 season (if we have one). Stop trying to sell us some “dynamic” version of the game as if we have concentration issues.

I hear people in the media complaining that game is too long. Honestly? You get paid to watch football, and you’re saying there’s too much football?

What’s everyone’s take on this?


Great summary and I entirely agree.


I actually liked the 16 minute quarters.

you monster


I especially liked the bit where we did exactly 16/20 of our allowed 90 rotations.


the quarters went fast. it was sh*t


It’s difficult to judge it based on one round of crowd-free football.
I’d tentatively say I’m not a fan.
The openness doesn’t make up for the lack of intensity.
I can’t in all honesty say everything was bad about it, though.

Hated it.

Footy is a slog of a game. Brutal, exhausting, survival of the fittest. 16 min quarters reduces it to essentially a highlights reel. Felt there was less momentum changes within games. First team to get a decent lead won.

Did not like


I’d say amongst the fan group, the overwhelming majority hated it.

How can this result in this sort of media push? If we’ve learnt one thing over the this period, it’s that fans are the most important part of this farking game. What a joke.


Surely no football means no need for shows like this? A bit pointless to go on… saying something controversial will keep you relevant however


These people watch 9 games of football every week. The normal person doesn’t do that, it’s too much.

If they watched a normal amount of football and didn’t always tune into ■■■■ games of Port v Gold Coast or GWS v North then they wouldn’t get bored by football and think the games go to long.


What problems?


His words, not mine. Record crowds and memberships would indicate there’s no problem.

16 mins is way to short. i would hope we have at least 20mins +time.

i would hazard a guess that TV ratings were up and so theyve attributed that to the shortened quarters instead of yknow… everyone being at home because of a life threatening virus…


Yes, I realise it’s what he said.

I’m just asking the question what problems does he think it solves.

Surely it’s not the low scoring. i thought the weekend’s games were the most low scoring and congested I’ve seen for ages.

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Cut them some slack. These narcissistic, relevance-deprived individuals like Whateley et al. have no actual sport on discuss, the poor lambs. They need to have something, anything to bang-on about. Avoid sports media like the plague right now. Next they’ll be discussing whether the grass in round 1 was the correct shade of green…




That’s fair enough. My concern is whether their influence prevails over the general footy public.

I thought it was awful personally…ended up saving us at the end of the game, but overall was not a huge fan of the quarter length.


Given the sustained level of fuckstickery and stupidity I’ve witnessed from the population at large over the past month, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least…