Melbourne based finals team - positive drug test

AFL would be praying it’s not Collingwood. Given how narrow those wins were for them.

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I’d imagine it would be similar to what happened with Crameri. He wasn’t allowed to play, but we had to pay his salary.

Won’t make a difference.
Unless it was systemic across a club, the AFL will (correctly) take a point of view that it was extremely unlikely to influence a result.

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What if it’s a player that kicked a bag of goals and the Pies won by a point? :stuck_out_tongue:

collingwood has a systemic history of clen abuse


The Trade Whisperer tweeting, it’s exactly who you think it is. I’m assuming Oliver

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Played every game then dropped for finals.

How Noble of Collingwood.

Based on his record, then it’s nobody we would have dreamed of.


If it’s Ginnivan, Collingwood would have to get a severe punishment if they’ve offloaded him without the other party knowing of the charges pending, right?

I thought that there was a 3 strikes policy. Does this imply that it’s the third?

whether its Oliver, Ginnivan or some other spud, Collingwood should just fold and die


Melbourne board saying it’s not Oliver, however it is a Melbourne player. And it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Not sure who that would be?

This is different. Considered under performance enhancing not the illicit drugs policy.

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Lachie Hunter if not a surprise

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That would explain it…

If I was a betting man:

$1.01 Oliver
$2.50 Ginnivan
$4.00 JDG
$5.00 Lachie Hunter

Value bet

$8.00 Jack Higgins

Serious. If the B sample is also positive, player should have a long holiday and both the club and player should suffer reputation degradation.
However, we all know how the AFL have a low appetite for scandal, but a very strong appetite for money. White wash brushes at the ready.

I think the fact that this positive test occurred “in competition” changes things.

Uh-oh. Look out for how the AwFL can make us the scapegoat for this one.

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Imagine if this is all one big blowup and the player was on the list of one of the clubs but didn’t play in the game, some spud stuck in the twos or something.

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Don’t play finals don’t get tested #Essendon