Melbourne based finals team - positive drug test

Unlikely to have been game day tested if they didn’t play.


Integrity of the finals compromised?? Surely not!

Fair enough!
Gotta love off season drama!

I just opened the article and it names the player?

Just updated it now.

Joel Smith.

Not for in competition.

It’s interesting that AFL has a different policy for in competition cocaine than WADA. Can WADA come over the top just to meet their quotas for FY 23/24 and enforce 4 years?

At least it can’t be us! A Melbourne-based finals team - we know it’s not EFC.


Likes getting high.

Just like his dad.

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Goodwin probably gave him the bump.


Smith had a decent finals series too

who the ■■■■?

who really tested positive

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Son of this guy


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So they knew on Monday but waited until trade period had completed before the big reveal.
Typical stage management by the afl. lol.


No idea who this is.

I assume the AFL will come down on him hard to send a message.
Especially seeing he’s not a star player.

I’d love to see Teflon Goodwin’s house of cards collapse.


Probably one of the Dees best players in the finals.

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Yep. Was just about to say the same.