Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! 2019 Scarf announced


I think you’re right it’s kind of mirrored/ upside down, which is why only the N’s appear incorrect…


And I’m not sure now if the whole lot is upside down with the s’s mirrored, or it’s just the n’s.

Either way, I’m blaming the R on the Fremantle scarf for frying my brain.


yep fair points… I just checked the Storm membership numbers for 2018 and they are currently just above 18k.

I think a few years ago we did have the option to select - but this caused more problems as people then called up to swap after their pack arrived… more pain.


Ah, I’ve not seen/don’t recall it as an option. Fair enough, if it’s been tried.

Storm signed me up as a one game member last year, and I still didn’t go. They’re keen as mustard, though, they kept hounding me.


It’s just one-sided and you’re looking at the wrong side…


Maybe they are meant to be put on the inside of your car window and the sticker wrapped around you neck


Does membership gain access to AFLX at Etihad on Feb 16?


You’d have to think so.

They wouldn’t expect people to pay, … surely?


How else will they afford all that prize money?


Yes! I was standing right in front of the scoreboard and kept turning around and looking up in awe. It wasn’t all that rainy, just a few showers but it was cold and muddy from memory. I remember thinking “Good bye Weagles - finally this stupid dream of some sort of pie in the sky national footy competition can be put to rest”.


My automatic renewal went through in December but I still haven’t received my membership, is that normal?


I dont think cards have been sent out yet, but you should have gotten your pack


I got my pack in December. Maybe give them a call. Did you recieve an email?


Afl page on Twitter says that no memberships will gain access so everyone has to purchase/pay for a ticket.


I haven’t got my membership pack either, didn’t expect the card, but the pack by now yess.


Well, … you can’t say the AwFuL aren’t the eternal optimists …


hmmm it should have well and truly arrived.

I’d email or buzz the club - it may have gotten lost in the post


Afl members get the card straight away, it gets activated when you pay


Got the pack but not the card yet. Might give them a call tomorrow


Cards are sent out in February