Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! 2019 Scarf announced


We most certainly do. The serious concern is around lost calls, which is why the department is looking at outsourcing options. We want everyone to sign up, not just those with the fortitude to deal with long wait times!


How’s the state of online signups?


Very strong. Renewals and new sign ups are generally easy to do via online, it’s the more complicated membership enquiries that end up going through the phone - seat changes, specific seat requests etc.

I believe the pre-pick up phone message is being updated this week to help drive online sign up also. The new website build seems to have helped smooth out some of the kinks of the past, but it is an area of focus as always.

The ticketmaster area is atrocious and I hate it. Don’t tell anyone.


Join the club. Ticketmaster are possibly my least favourite organisation.

Behind Carlton Football Club. And the BCCI.


Renewed today. Guy wasn’t overly helpful when I asked about the VFLW membership, so he lost a sale.

But you get good and bad anywhere.

Incidentally, saw Stringer, Smith, Green and I think Colyer on the ovals. They all look in decent shape, Stringer looks slim.


Do we not actively promote H&A reserved seats anymore or have we filled our quota?
Our website only offering Home reserved with away access.


The Ticketmaster site insists on sending me two copies of every EFC email (same email address). I really should unsubscribe once, and see if both go away or not.


We renewed soon after next seasons mships became available - it was quick and easy.
I also can’t stand Ticketmaster.


I was mildly amused when my renewal turned up and the invoice said my 5yo was now classed as an adult.

A quick call and it was all sorted.


Hello Catherine. Maybe a whinge. I got my membership package today with scarf, sticker and badge. Why does the club keep persisting sending me a scarf every year when I live in Queensland. I keep telling the membership staff when renewing my membership do not send me a scarf or sticker pointless as I will never use the scarf up in sunny humid Queensland here and I have run out of room on my car bumper bar with stickers. I appreciate the club has thousands of members but surely the club realise, members in Queensland will hardly use the scarf. How about offering Qld members a cap or towel. I have been a member of this great club for 23 years but have been a supporter for over 60 years. Good to see a committee member on this site. All the best to you.


I’ve said for years that a voucher for the bomber shop would be a much better option than a scarf/hat. I realise there’s no pleasing everyone but a voucher would also boost merch sales through our shop and increase profits for the club. It’s a no brainer IMO.


It’s a nice concept but it makes no financial sense. Bulk scarves probably cost the club a dollar or two each… a voucher for that kind of money would be pretty insulting IMO.


Yeah but I try to keep Mrs Fox away from the Bomber Shop, as she gets one or two of everything.

If you give someone a voucher to redeem a cheap cap or scarf or tea-towel, most would spend heaps more. I mean, how many pairs of Bombers socks is enough ?


Maybe you do bud


Ha ha. Seriously? Wow.


Or Esky,… or Thongs, … or Stubbie holder,… or Frisbee …


So I received an email this morning from Australia Post, saying that my membership package from EFC, would be delivered today. Then I get another one, at 9.30am, when I am still home, saying my package has been delivered, placed in my preferred safe etc. - because I no one answered the door. I was home until 11am.

In short, no membership pack in the mailbox, at the door, anywhere. No notice, nada.

Anyone had this experience, with their membership, or any other delivery?

EDIT: mea culpa. When I changed my mailing details after moving last year, I put the wrong street number in. Idiot. I’ve met the neighbours now though.


I can see what they were trying to do with the scarf, but yeah, it didn’t work.


At the risk of looking like an even bigger idiot - what’s with the stickers. Mine are inside out.


Find the inner side of some glass…