Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! now with mobile scanning


This one?


Please someone ask about shisha tonight




Found this from myself in December '16. So we are tracking well.





Actual plastic pack was the best bit. I was down to my last rubbish bin liner


Not that I’m complaining


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X Gon Shisha to Ya - 2017 Members Forum

I guess we’ve spoken about the lack of fixture? Or is that arriving with the membership card?


Don’t care about the scarf … BUT the inside out stickers!!! WHY??? Our cars have tinted windows so can’t see very well through them AND they end up wrecking the tint - also can’t stick them on my bike!


Just stick them on your helmet visor.


Yeah, what a great idea!


My active area has been removed for 2018 but they have put my membership into the cheer squad. I’m really happy with that as I was scared they were going to remove it all together!

renewed this afternoon.



marky53 seems a little withdrawn, of late.


Got a reply one week after I sent the email…


You’d think by the reaction that the members scarf is the spawn of Satan.

Just got mine. I don’t see the problem.

As said in other forums, I’m more concerned about how the club use my money to get better facilities, and into the new academy.






We’ve got 60,000 members. What are the odds that 5-10 who post on Blitz won’t be disappointed in the scarf every year?


More than a few, by the sound of the forum.

You can please some people some of the time, the rest you please none of the time. :roll_eyes:


remember the days, not so long ago, where we yearned for a time where the biggest issue facing the club was the quality of the scarves?