Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! now with mobile scanning


It certainly needs a bit of love.

The toilets could do with an upgrade.


Don’t start me. Nearly threw up last time I went in the grandstand ones.


Got the VFLW membership pack last night and I must say the gloves are quite impressive, as is the packaging, Mrs Stu declared them a better piece of kit than what came in the normal members pack.

Well done to whomever organised that


Should be called Windier Plain.

windy hill has nothing on tulla.


Still think we should call it “Windy Planes”


Go at mine today, they are amazing. For the $30 membership addon, certainly a bargain.


Interesting development for MCC members where their membership card can be used to make tap-and-go payments. Just being trialled for now. Wonder what AFL clubs can do for their members since they don’t control the catering at the grounds.

MCC gives members’ cards a hi-tech boost
Matt Thompson December 9, 2017 10:57 AM

MCC members will soon be able to use their membership cards to pay for food, drinks and more

MELBOURNE Cricket Club members will soon be able to pay for food, drinks, merchandise and activities using their membership cards.

Thanks to tap-and-go technology payments will operate in the same way as a normal credit or debit card.

Members are being encouraged to pre-load funds onto their cards, and will receive a five per cent rebate on most purchases within the reserve.

The club is promising members ‘a more rewarding membership’ with the program, which is branded MCC Plus.

The innovation is expected to make for a more seamless experience at bars and food stands within the members’ area.

It will begin as a pilot program over the cricket season and, if it’s successful as expected, new cards will be rolled out to all members in time for next AFL season.

It looms as a massive logistical exercise with all of the MCC’s 100,000-plus members to receive a new membership number and card.

Over time, members are being promised extra benefits from the program.

It’s the latest innovation at the home of football, which has seen the arrival of increased food and beverage offerings in recent years.

The MCG has also installed state-of-the-art wifi technology to dramatically improve phone reception when there are large crowds.


From the Sunday Herald Sun

Footy clubs go to new lengths to boost memberships


Bombers legend Kevin Sheedy with his grandson, Thomas, 1, and the 2000 premiership cup. Picture: Lawrence Pinder.

AFL clubs are offering baby photos with premiership trophies and footy greats, as well as priceless on-field experiences, in a bid to reconnect with fans.

Essendon is giving supporters with newborns the chance to be photographed with legendary coach Kevin Sheedy and the 2000 premiership cup as it sets its sights on a record membership tally.

The club, which is on track to pass 50,000 members before Christmas, expects an open training and “Bub at the Club” session on December 19 to be a hit with Bombers faithful.

Sheedy said it was a way for Essendon fans to prove they were “a Bomber from birth”.

“We have so many mums and dads call the club the day of their child’s birth to sign them up as members, and this is a fantastic way to say thanks, make them feel connected and provide a special memory which will last forever,” he said.

“The last thing we want is what happened to poor old Eddie McGuire.

“He grew up in a house full of Essendon supporters, but got lured across to the ‘dark side’.”

But Essendon’s arch rival is also taking steps to embrace its black and white army with laps of honour at the MCG, behind-the-scenes tours and group ticket discounts.

Collingwood fans who purchase more than 25 tickets to a game will next year be able to form a “Magpie fan tunnel” as players run on to the ground or pose for a photo on the MCG before opening bounce.

Pies fans who purchase 30 tickets will be able to walk the perimeter of the hallowed turf before watching their heroes take to the field.

Interim Collingwood chief executive Peter Murphy said the club started its “group experiences program” to bring groups of supporters closer to their heroes at no extra cost.

He predicted the unique match-day experiences would be popular with friends, families, colleagues and inmates sharing a special occasion.

Pet memberships, live streaming offers and junior deals are being peddled by clubs trying to break new ground in membership numbers.

Fark Carlton offers a $35 pet membership that gives a pampered pooch a membership card, pet bag dispenser (lots of left over brown paper bags since Judd retired) and certificate.

Hawthorn’s “Baby Hawk” membership includes a junior scarf, teddy rattle, baby bunting, personalised birthday card, a colour in Hawthorn nappy and a free ticket to an MCG match for $51.

And North Melbourne’s “Harvey’s Heroes” package includes an exclusive clinic with AFL games record-holder Brent Harvey and the 2018 playing group, access to all home games and a merchandise pack to the first person to sign up as a member (offer ends February 28 2018).


Haha, loved the reference to the Judd brown paper bags.
Still have photos of a small child sitting on TD’s knee.




Make sure you join up or renew asap. 50,000 members before Christmas would be fantastic. Then the sky is the limit for 2018. I am SO excited for 2018! More hype than I have seen for years. Such positive vibes. Yess!!!


To think…if that photo had been taken in 2000, young Thomas would have been able to legally drive to The Hanger today…


No better place for a steaming turd than in a fark carlton bag.


I still think we should convert our standard memberships into 22 single game memberships. Imagine the membership records we’d set!


Colour in Hawthorn nappy - :joy:



Renewed our household today.

The membership portal has been a bug bear of mine for awhile, seriously dislike this time of year, but the people on the phones are always great. Details not updating, payments not working, just overall poxy looking over many years. The new EFC login is great, the tickmaster back office is still terrible.

Minor gripe, I was told kids accounts can be linked, but after doing that over the phone the past couple of years and online this year, still no dice. It’s a pain to have to login in separately for each child and seriously I shouldn’t have to put in 4 different contact details just to update one thing.

Having got that out of the way, bring on 2018!!!


Signed up my 8 month old to a baby membership. Hoping to get along to the Christmas open training to get him a photo with Sheeds and a premiership cup!


Anyone got a bubba I can borrow??


You can borrow ours at about 3am. We’ll have him back in the morning if that’s ok.