Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


Yep, this. That’s why I don’t wait. Happy with my seats.


We gonna crack 70k?


I don’t think so


Mid Jan, I think.


By 2nd week of April.
Book mark it.


We were 53740 on Feb 16 last year. So tracking roughly 5000 ahead of last year’s pace.


Don’t really like this cold-calling technique of having players, coaches & Sheedy trying to shame a person into renewing a membership


Well, next time they call, you bluddy well tell 'em!


Depends how they do it. Once, many years ago, I could see I was hardly going to get to a game at all and just couldn’t justify it, for the dollars and how my bank balance looked at the time with competing obligations. A very young Matty Lloyd rang me and when I explained my reasons, he didn’t try and talk me around at all. Was almost embarrassed about ringing. But having explained all that and had him agree, I was like “Lloydy has rung me - LLOYDY”. So I signed up anyway… and hardly got to a game.




check your inbox today


Are we #flyup or #yess




Damn. Too slow again.

Also, the guy doing the FLY UP, voiceover, is the same guy that did the WATEVAITTAYKES one. Doesn’t bode well.

LiD On TudaY.


I read that one upside down.


I called a few times this week and after 15+ minutes gave up. I eventually got through today. If we are shooting for 70k members I don’t think it’s the way to go about it. I passed this on as I think if the front door is not opened, nobody will come in.
Anyway reason for the call was that I will upgrade to a reserved seat for a few games on Monday. Can’t do that as I don’t have a membership card yet and therefore no barcode number. I was provided these and then "coincidentally " I received a formal email from the club with my and my family’s barcodes around 1.5 hours later. Did I prompt this? I hope not.

Anyway, pretty sloppy from the club all round. Passing this on to @Catherine_Lio


It’s not a new thing. They’ve done it in past years and also mass-sent out card numbers before the BLT matches went on sale (albeit that email was a bit screwed up, with black text on a black background — they got it right this time!)


Suspect without any prior knowledge that the time on hold may have been due to people calling for the exact same reason. The membership team deal with all calls and emails - not making excuses, but they do get busy at this time of the year.

Good news! You didn’t prompt the barcode send out - the club sent them out around 11am today if my email is anything to go by.


I haven’t received a membership email, was there a member email sent out?


I received this today (my nieces membership) Screenshot so you can see the subject line.