Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


Cheers. No, no email from EFC today (or recently) like that. I’ll check it out.

Thanks @Catherine_Lio


Got my email today.

(I did send the EFC website dept an email today asking why the player profiles were still out of date)


I imagine you’ll get a reply…

sometime in August…


that’s quite an imagination you have


Can’t wait to get upset about how ■■■■ the card is after the disappointment of the membership pack.


Nothing new. I called 3 times back in November I think, all different days and different times and each time on hold for over 15 minutes each. All I wanted to do was upgrade my membership.

Oh well, club lost out, I saved money


Still can’t get over the car sticker. Seriously, who thinks up these things???


wait times are not the membership team’s fault.

if more members were on advantage (auto renew) many people wouldnt be calling up to renew via the phone.

if more people renewed online, they wouldnt be calling up. both these transactions could be avoided being done via the membership team’s phone line.

I get it that when upgrading or if you have a specific request (seat change) that its worth calling - but keep this in mind when you call next.


If the club wants supporters money it’s up to them to provide adequate assistance. Many people don’t want to or can’t book online


Agree with this. The online portal is better than it was but still not great. The Club actively encourage people to call for inquiries rather than email.

We’ve been told for years now how important the fans are, so perhaps let’s fix the interaction.


Then Xavier needs to give them more $$$ to bring on more consultants.

The Membership Team can only answer so many calls, answer so many emails and respond to letters.

I believe the online portal is provided by the AFL so the club cant do much about that either.


Should be club Run with their own portal And online live chats. Gotten more ■■■■ solved on a live chat for 10 minutes than hours on a phone line


Giving up our website as an in-house one, outside of the AFL setup, was not good. It must restrict what we can do with it regarding layout and format, and individualising it.


Nope - pretty sure all clubs have to use the AFL’s system (Ticketmaster) so the barcodes work.

The Club can control the membership website, but the transactional part they cant


Either way, the average fan is not being looked after by the club, regardless of department. When you’re on hold for The membership department one of the messages is that calling is still the best way ad it can take up to 5 business days to read an email!!!


When I called the other day they still said calling is the best option as it can take up to 5 days to answer emails WTF???


I never said anything about emailing.

My point is that their phone lines get jammed up and queues increase because of basic transactional stuff people could either do online, or be auto renew.

If more people were doing that, the queues would be reduced for those that really need to speak to someone for a seat change, upgrade, enquiry etc.

You’d be shocked how many people clog up the line for basic info that’s easily available online (e.g when’s open training, or ask dumb questions like ‘How’s Hird going?’)


So what hours are you working in the call centre tomorrow?


Dumb question?


Auto-renew should have nothing to do with the conversation on this. It is a personal matter, it should not affect customer service times.

And in order to do that stuff you are talking about the member portal has to be A-grade. It has been a shambles for a very long time. I have tried to use it and over the past few years have had multiple payments go through, detail updates not go through, linked accounts not working as they should. They only time things have been sorted properly was when i called.

It has improved, and Katie Lio I think has admitted as much that it hasn’t been good and they are working on it as always, of course limited by the the agreements with the AFL/Ticketmaster/Telstra on these kind of things.

If you want the kind online interaction you are talking about that side of things has to be world class and it is still very far from it.