Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


I find it hard to believe that the membership department was so flat out that 20 people all rang at once when I was trying to get through.

Me thinks they have one, maybe two people in the department answering calls. And I am generous about having 2 because I assume they are there to keep the other one company, or at least there for emotional support.


38 minutes on hold this afternoon trying to upgrade my membership, was close to pulling the pin. The bloke was very apologetic and gave me his direct number for me to call him back and get the barcodes tomorrow


At the facility, they have a membership desk near the merchandise shop. There’s usually 1 person there, maybe 2 occasionally. I always assumed they had more people managing upstairs but maybe not!


This is exactly what’s happening. If you are imagining 200 people with Bombers paraphernalia strewn over their desk, you are way off. It’s 2 or 3 people out of a whole secondary organisation - also providing the ‘service’ for Melbourne Storm, St.kilda FC, and amongst other things, various pharmaceutical companies and possibly Jims Mowing. They have their cues to respond to you when you call in, they couldn’t give a ■■■■ and are most likely not Essendon supporters, or even followers of sport, let alone AFL. This is where it’s at. Seriously. Come on. Essendon is no different from 17 other clubs, but let’s not pretend that ‘they’ care or don’t care more than the next. There was a time when the argument was legitament, but it has long passed.


My sister had a baby 5am Monday morning- they rang and registered him as a member that afternoon. Arrived home from hospital on Wednesday to their baby membership package waiting on the doorstep! Amazingly quick.


There are about 5 full time/part time staff depending on the time of year. 1 usually helps out on the desk at reception. The membership department are scaled up and down depending on resource needs - usually contractors. They sit on level 3 of The Hangar in the membership department area.

They do not service any other clubs or businesses when at The Hangar.

Edit: if you go to the membership tent on game day you will find a few of the membership team working that also.


I live in Geelong. The last thing you put on your car is an opposition sticker. It’s just asking for a scratching.

My Wife’s car got two yellow spray lines on her car when parked in our driveway. The car was poking out over the footpath and they were too lazy to walk round, but not lazy enough not to go get the spray paint and spray the lines exactly where the footpath is.
There are some flogs down here.
That said, she did have a Bombers Sticker on the back that I’d put on hers. Lol


You just have to look in this thread for examples of this. Someone posts the answer to someone’s question and then 4 posts later someone asks the same ■■■■■■ question. Most of the time these questions are in the Q&A section of the Membership section of our website.


Ahhh it’s a special place sometimes. Nothing surprises me anymore.


I’ve given the membership team stick on the past but have to give them kudos for my latest dealings. Despite the lengthy wait yesterday they were most helpful in upgrading my membership aswell as adding another and seating us together. Was told to call back today after 3 on his direct number to get the barcodes but opened my emails at 9:15am this morning and they were already there so hats off for their prompt response


If they are good Essendon people they’d be on Blitz all day and doing frig all work.

just saying


Have cards been sent? I got my pack but no card.


Is it being televised? Oh sorry wrong thread


Will there be dogs? Oops sorry, wrong forum.


For the board members that lurk here.

Viability of scrapping the card and using an app to generate your bar code?

cards are so 2000.


All my frequent flyer memberships and some of our credit cards are on my phone so the technology is there


It certainly is. I’m sure some like having a card but I’m equally sure most would opt for an e-card.

Would save the club some money also.


But yeah original question have cards been sent out?


There was a suggestion earlier in the thread that it was immenent. A bulk post probably saves money - I don’t know.


I’m certain what’s occurring IRT the cards isn’t what the club had in mind, otherwise, why state in the pack that cards will arrive in February? I’m sure they’d like all members to already have the cards to avoid the mass emailing of barcodes which is of no benefit to the club so clearly something went wrong along the line somewhere.

Having said all that, personally, I’m in no hurry for my card to arrive as reserved seats for round one already done through the club and round three through work at Medallion Club. The only urgency in my household for cards is that of my two kids who are eagerly checking the mail each day with much anticipation and excitement!