Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


I’m assuming the delay is because of waiting for people with seats to renew and then allocating seats to those who want to change etc etc.

They mail out the packs separately now because everyone complained about not getting them until Feb.


Why for the country game vs Geelong only level 2 seats available in ponsford stand?
Isn’t that the cats end


Doesn’t make sense for GA memberships


It begins…



I have a man-crush on Hurley.


What happened to the Bomber magazine this year Catherine?



It’s more compact, more of a season guide and coming with your membership card.


Why is there a pic of Angus Monfries on the membership card? :stuck_out_tongue:


screw the membership card, i want that little Roman Gladiator helmet above it


Basil Z is a member?


Why can’t the membership department have the call back option that a lot of other companies have. You throw your number in, you stay in the line, when you reach the front it calls you back just in time to put you onto said membership person.

Much less frustrating.


March 7, 2017 - 57,408
March 5, 2018 - 62,104

70k beginning to look a little conservative, really.


Throw in a few early wins, and 70k will be easily surpassed.


The march and the Hawthorn win first up would have been a big boost.

Anyone know if there was a jump after that?

Hopefully we show a little bit against Geelong this week and a lot more against Adelaide, otherwise there may be a slowing in momentum.


Hope we show something against Geelong…The Suns belted them…


Don’t get me wrong - I watched the game and Geelong were very poor. If Wangaratta Essendon played Townsville Geelong I think it would have been a nil-all draw.

However, we’ll likely be playing a different Geelong team and they’ll be playing a different Essendon team. For your sanity I would focus on the quality of football we play rather than the result as drawing conclusions and form-lines from Round 1 of the pre-season competition is pointless given the substantial personnel changes both teams will have between matches.


It isn’t pointless, just that what makes a pass mark isn’t as obvious as round 1.

Come round 1 you win you pass, you don’t you fail (unless your Carlton).


My car stickers are faulty… They are sticky on the wrong side… When will I be getting proper ones?


Go here.
Maybe have a bit of a fool around with MS paint.
Put it on a stick and pop down to Officeworks.


I still can’t get over this one

Who in their right mind approved that?