Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


Not a bad suggestion.


We scanned them in, had the IT guys fix a thing or two…then had them printed.


Nah mate, it’s your car that’s wrong.




I think it was about $30 but we printed 15… have a few spares if anyone would like one


Will they fade at the same rate as the official ones?


I guess we’ll see…but they are very good quality


Why on earth don’t we have a call back service? It significantly reduces wait times, and increases satisfaction levels.


Hmmm! :thinking:

Anyone else notice that the Club has removed any membership numbers progressive update from their website.

Maybe things have slowed to a crawl…or maybe they don’t want anymore cos’ they’re having so much difficulty getting membership cards out to those who’ve already joined!!!:roll_eyes:



Its like the club wait for KB to go off before tweeting.


It shows it on the membership page. It has slowed down but 62000 ain’t too shabby.


Do MCC memberships with the EFC 7 game add-on get a card, or do I just use my MCC card at Etihad?


You get an EFC membership card.


I reckon that number would be a little different had the Wangaratta result been a lot different.

If we put up a good show on Sunday numbers should surge again.


Let’s hope so.


If people are basing their membership purchase on a JLT match then they had serious problems


I bet there’s more than a handful that do just that.


It’s got more to do with the excitement a win or even a good performance against the reigning premiers would generate.


A poor performance on Sunday (coupled with the previous bad game) would cost us 5,000 members I reckon. And would also be the difference between 40,000 and 30,000 at the round 1 game (which probably equates to $1 million in gate revenue).