Membership 2018 - to infinity and beyond! Scarf voting underway


This is my first year without reserved seating membership. If I want to go to a home game, as long as it is not fully ticketed, I can just turn up swipe my membership and sit in general admission?

If I want to reserve a seat do I have to buy it through ticketmaster/tek?


With or without reserved seat? Because you’re question seems for without a reserved seat. In which case correct.


If you have reserved seat membership, then you have a designated seat for home games.


Oops meant without


Yes… swipe… sit in general admission.

However, if for whatever reason you decide you want to upgrade to a reserved seat for any individual game you will have to buy it through ticketek


Thanks all. Not sure if I need a seat for round 1. Probably not a sell out?


Won’t be far off. Heaps of Crows supporters going over for round 1


Just purchased tickets. What a rort $100 for 2 tickets.


What a rip off. That’s disgraceful


There’s absolutely no way there will be 30k there for our round 1 game. If Geelong belt is by 100 points this weekend we will still get 40k minimum.


Hmmmm…doesn’t sound right. Suspect you got the premium seats, hence the price.


Level 3! Would have cost more on level 1 ($70 each)


We better farking win now after spending that much on tix.


Just go early with Ga for busy home games. Be one of those people waiting for the gate to open.


At Etihad?

■■■■■■ hell…could have picked up a couple of medallion club seats for that.


Yep at Etihad.

Feels like I’ve been gibbed but since I rarely watch them live these days, I really should stop complaining.


Did you get members upgrade with your barcode or just a members reserved seat? There’s a difference. One starts at like $7 if they’re available.


That option wasn’t available. I thought you could do something like that but Ticketmaster didn’t have that option.

I could be a complete nuffie and missed it. Every chance of that


yep - I’m happy to be there early so I can get in and grab a good GA seat.


Has the Bomber Mag replacement (season guide) been sent out yet? Just wondering if I am waiting on both this and my card?